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The Two Towers

Our dinner conversation yesterday, all concerned Lord of the Rings and in it’s extension, Lego! “Cookie” once again had lots of questions about the film and “Kitty” sat with big ears, listening to everything, wondering when he can get to watch it. We are celebrating his Birthday on his name Day, on Thursday. He has the longest wish list from the Lego catalogue. “Cookie” tried to convince me to buy this box beside here. Why? Because, it is the only box containing “Legolas” and she has become as much of his fan, as I am. We both LOVE him and feel that the Elves are the coolest!!! “The Diva” is all besotted with “Frodo”. Not me! Those pointed ears, the long blonde hair and those blue eyes, WOW! And to hear, see, and feel things that others can’t! My teenager just go for the looks, the actor. Me and my younger daughter have seen something different though. We like elves! What they stand for. Why else have I chosen my Elvish name for my blog??? “Cookie” was all fascinated when she found out and wanted to know her Elvish name. Too bad, that site doesn’t exist anymore!

I also told her that I took a test on Facebook to see what character I am in the Lord of the Rings. Alright, I am not happy about the result: Elrond! UGLY! But all the same, I ended up an Elf! Last night, we watched the second part and we all had a tough time getting up this morning. I meant to just go to bed at 21:00 but I just had to see my very favourite scene in the whole trilogy. The most powerful, the mightiest one:

When Haldir arrives with all his Elves. I get goose bumps every time! I bet Viggo Mortensen must have felt the same way? That is SO cool, so beautiful, so powerful! Their armour, their beauty, their discipline, their courage. And Haldir: WOW! Best part of the film, when they march in on the scene and when they stand waiting for the attack. Chilly!About the Lego set. “Cookie” has it all worked out. She is keeping “Legolas”. I can have “Gimli” and “Boromir” and “Kitty” the orchs and the troll. Sorry, but I don’t think so! Poor “Kitty” doesn’t even know it would be an unfair division. I don’t even dare to think about what that box would cost. And sorry but why should I want “Boromir”? Why is Lego so horribly priced, by the way? They don’t even make them in Denmark anymore, but in China, so the price ought to have come down lots and lots. They hardly pay the workers over there, so what are we paying for? It sure is not labour like it used to be! Today, I have to go with “Kitty’s” wish list and see if I can afford ANYTHING on it. He wants “the Lord of the Rings”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Ninjago, Monster Trucks, Monsters…


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