I’m reading a book right now called “Operation Bolero The Americans in Bristol and the West Country 1942-45”. Very interesting. I had no idea that they had a name for the friendly invasion, that it was actually named Bolero. One of the funny things I read yesterday was about the tension that grew between British service men and American ones. Lord Haw Haw wasn’t entirely lying when he said “The Americans are over paid”. The book states that while a British soldier earned per week, what today is 70 pence, his GI equivalent earned 3 pounds 44 pence. THAT is a great difference! No wonder he could buy stockings and lipsticks to bribe the British girls with! And he bought them cheaply at the PX according to this book. Along with being smart, clean, polite and very attentive he also had one more irresistible feature: he “used deodorants and after-shave lotion, commodities then largely unknown to British men”. The British soldiers didn’t have a chance did they, smelling sweat!!! I must say that I would have gone for a GI myself considering!


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  1. Sorry for the late reply! Things have been a mess. Thank you for the suggestion! I will check it out when my autistic youngest son has fallen asleep. He has discovered that one can watch YouTube on mamma’s iPad and he sits for hours watching roller coaster clips. Trying to handle his fear I think?
    When it comes to books, I have a problem with a lot of modern novels. They are not really up to snuff. I expect a lot from a book when I take it in my hands, especially knowledge and good back ground research. A lot of books fall short so I will admit that I am really bad when it comes to novel reading. I tend to steer over to biographies and diaries or plain text books/facts. But, I will check the book out that you suggested. The name of it is certainly attractive sounding. Now I have to read five books on autism, since they were loaned to me by my sons’ special ed teacher yesterday and they have to be returned tomorrow! I do not quite like reading under time pressure but sometimes a necessary evil. 😦

  2. You may enjoy “Alouette’s Song”. It’s a Jewish-themed romantic-action adventure. “Alouette’s Dream” is the sequel.

  3. Glad you liked it. I have not been able to publish my book reviews under the tab “books” after that post. They are all intermixed with all other posts! 😦

  4. Truly beneficial thank you, There’s no doubt that your readers would most likely want far more items along these lines carry on the excellent function.

  5. It is! It never ceases to surprise me how many aspects there is on that war! The more I read, the more I want to learn and with every book I read, I find new ones that I just simply MUST read as well…

  6. cynthia jayne kulisch

    You are so funny Camilla. 🙂 sounds like a good book, though

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