Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just a short little post today, to show an alternate way of celebrating Valentine’s Day. For me, it is not at all about roses and chocolates. Perhaps, because it is not something which I grew up with in Sweden. Noone ever spoke about that day at all, in my childhood or youth. But thanks to all shop keepers, we have been made aware of it, and now everyone seems to celebrate it in their own little ways.

This morning when I dropped my youngest at school, I was greeted by this:

The hugging ”square”. Step in to it if you need a hug!

And yesterday, he came with homework to be done during the 14th February. So instead of being a peaceful afternoon, I had to help him do this homework, since it was a VERY difficult one to do, for an autistic child! Other children are supposed to do it themselves, in order to be kind to their parents, but he can not do any of these things by himself:

Vacuum, write a nice note, help with dinner, make the bed, do dishes, make hot chocolate (really it said coffee or tea, but since our religion forbids this…), set the table, sort socks, make a ”semla” for his brother and carry in things from the car. Actually, I gave him his sock bag, to match up the socks, and this he did very well. But when I gave him my sock bag, he was tired!

While the children were in school, I finished my weekly spread in my bullet journal, which was created to please, the above mentioned son. It is one of his favourite films, one that he always relate different things in life, to.

Before you think, oh wow, you ought to know, that the idea came from @doodledaydarlings on Instagram. I saw her weekly layout a week ago or so and immediately thought of ”Gubby”. I wanted to make him happy, so I TRIED to make something similar to hers. She being an artist and me, well me being a non-artist. Wall-E became too skinny, the arm too short, Eva’s head… But, I did it! And their love is true love, is it not?! So perfect for this week and day!

Since the children came home from school, they have eagerly awaited their father’s homecoming and dinner. Because after dinner it was time for my treat, that I buy for them, EVERY Valentine’s Day:

This is what Valentine’s Day is for me, love through service. It is a day like every other day, but the 14th February, I bring a smile to my children’s faces, with bakery baked pastry. And are they not the prettiest?

To all my followers

and to all who stumbles on this post

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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