Gorgeous Turned Wood in 1:12 scale

A couple of weeks ago, I received a note from a dear pen pal, who had visited a dollhouse shop quite by chance. It was situated in Canada and she sent me the shop’s card, so that I could be as dazzled as she had been, when entering the physical shop.Unfortunately, the shop does not prioritize their internet shop, like many miniaturists. To most it is a hobby, a side-line to their “real” job. The woman I bought my dollhouse from, works in health care, but in her spare time, she makes the most gorgeous miniature things. She does not have the energy for a third thing though, to put things on her internet site. So, she sells at fairs, and that is it. Her site has not been updated for years.

Since it seemed that the miniatures had stunned my pen pal, I decided to give her a good address for a well sorted internet shop. Not saying that the one she visited is not up to snuff, but to show what amazing things are out there! Nothing like shared joy, right? But which one, would I choose? Many has some real gems. But then, they also have a lot of mass-produced Chinese garbage, which is not that fun to display in your dollhouse. I particularly hate blurry details and sloppy painting. I finally thought of a shop, which is one of my favourites, since the owner sells quality in all price ranges. And she has unusual items, not found in other shops. But most of all, she sells WWII items, and this always puts an extra wide smile on MY face. Cheshire Cat one!

Just to make sure I got the address right for my friend, I went in to the shop. Bad decision for my wallet!!! When I got Ain on the site, I just could not restrain myself from peeking around a little bit. And especially in the news section. Now, I have often looked in this shop just for fun. But many times when I have fallen for something, it has been out of stock. Once I was especially smitten with an item and I wrote to enquire when it would be in stock again. Turned out, that it never would. The owner had bought up all stock, from a lady who was retiring from the miniature making scene.

This time, when I went in, on behalf of my pen pal, to make sure that there was plenty of fun items to look at, I noticed that the owner once again had bought up all stock, from someone retiring. But this time, I was in luck, since all unusual items I found interesting for my WWII dollhouse, were still in stock. Now I stood in for the choice, of buying things now when available or never, since the artist has retired. I decided to go on a shopping spree at http://www.smallwondersminiatures.co.uk and buy the things I felt would make a difference in my Blitz house. Especially when I saw that some of the items I put in my shopping basket, were the last ones in stock. So enjoy looking at my beautiful turned wood items in miniature 1:12 scale:

A stool for my WWII kitchen and also a little storage pot with removable lid

The pot with the lid on.


Pedestal and flower pot, which I hope I will find a fern plant for.

This will of course go in the WWII Art Deco sitting room, having been handed down to the family from Edwardian times.

An Art Deco vase, also for the sitting room, I think, where I will put some flowers matching the Art Deco wallpaper. In that room the sisters will have left their sock darning tools. One each, since Lily will of course bring her’s back to base after her leave.

Why a screen shot from “Foyle’s War” in this post? Because that series is excellent for studying what is correct for this time period. I look more on the interiors than the actors and pause the program to take screen shots of items. Here I wanted to document the china and dinner ware but also the fact that people bought flowers, even though a war was raging. (Behind the actors shoulders you see some red roses!) So vases were needed and it would not be wrong to put flowers in them.

Two hat stands for sisters Lily and Rose. On Lily’s stand, I will put her WAAF hat. On Rose’s, I hope to be able to afford one of the lovely hats I have favourited on Etsy. The best would be a black and white hat, since that is what the authorities recommended, so you could be seen by a car, in the black out.

Finally, since I had to pay such horrendous shipping, I added a stack of newspapers to be put in the attic, with Rose’s son’s little trolley/cart. He had collected all sorts of items for the war effort, before he was evacuated. Now they will be in the attic, till some of his friends come to collect them for salvage.


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