2016, has been a real annus horribilis. First Great Britain, which has always been a country of mixed people, since their Empire once spanned the globe, voted to leave Europe. They decided to close their borders and have nothing to do with other people. They who worked so hard for open trade, centuries ago. And Winston Churchill who told them, that a United Europe was the only way to go, in order to prevent another World War and another Hitler.

What Brexit brought about, was not just leaving the EU. It signalled to everyone in Great Britain, that it is perfectly alright, to be anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, xenophobic in general, to beat up people in the street if they have another opinion than you do, and many, many other populist things. What we see in Britain today, five months after the referendum, is a hardened attitude which was even visible to me, on a visit to Birmingham and a Miniature show! The Britain I have always loved to visit and have always admired, is quickly disappearing. I felt uncomfortable!

But Britain is not the only country growing cold. The election in the United States, some weeks ago, showed that this country have decided to even go one step further than Britain. Having voted for a narcissist, to run their country, is perhaps not the worse thing they have done. But having voted for a man, who has given the clear sign for racism, guns without limits, anti-Semitism, hatred for Muslims, pollution, the list is really too long to go through, THAT is really, really disastrous. Instead of being a peace-maker, he is promoting hatred and a chill worse than the Ice Age. Talk about the spawn of Satan!

Many, many of us, have come to realize that we are living in the last days. And doing so, is really scary. But to just give up? To do what the Germans did, when they saw that Hitler had come to power and the Nazis were running the entire show on their terms? No, we have to do something! The Prophet of the church I belong to, has decided to try to do something about the increasing coldness in our hearts and in our world. He and his apostles, have developed a plan, for making this world a better place to live in, during December at least. And the best thing of all: You do not have to be a latter-day saint, to participate.

Yes, the bottom of the message is, that Yeshúa, the son of Miriam and our Heavenly Father, who was born on a cold night in Bethlehem, walked the earth and tried to do good. He tried to bring light in to people’s lives by being a light himself. He healed the sick, he fed the hungry, he taught the ones desiring knowledge, he helped the needy. But do you REALLY have to believe in this Yeshúa or Jesus, to do these things? Does it not feel good in every human’s heart, when they help someone? When they make someone happy? This is something which everyone can do! By looking to your neighbour or fellow human being, you will bring light in to the world, instead of the darkness which is spreading too quickly.

A Muslim, can help an old lady over the road. A Jew, can take in the post from the post box, for a neighbour who have broken his leg. There are so many small things which we can do, to make December a really wonderful month for everyone on this planet. Whether we are Catholics, Protestants, Atheists, Hindus or Buddhists.

When the sister missionaries came to show my family the film which starts it all, which one can find on mormon.org, my youngest son, who is autistic and thereby have a difficult time understanding a lot of abstract things, sat still. He watched it in reverence and he has done so when being showed the film again, at church. He can see that people are kind, and that just like we put stars and advent candle sticks in our windows, to light up the darkness, people can make people happy and spark a light in other people’s lives.

If you are like me though, you will think: But what can I really do? I am too shy! I don’t have any money to give away! I have three autistic sons to take care of! Today, I went in and looked at the advent calendar on the site mentioned above, where they will give suggestions to what one can do every day. And I hope, that I will be able to find something every day, that I will be able to do. Yes, it will perhaps mean that we have to go outside our comfort zone and everyone’s comfort zone differs. But I am sure it will be worth it. And often suggestions spark new ideas, so one is not restricted to the few things they are suggesting. The thing to remember is, that it does not have to be spectacular things! Small things count as well! What you might think small, might be big in someone else’s eyes. And this is NOT a Christian call for kindness, but a call to all nations and all people, to spread light! We can do this, if we want to, if we try! Together, no matter what we believe in!


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