Welcome to the Fourth Reich…

Yesterday's headlines: The American nightmare... or the first woman?

Yesterday’s headlines: The American nightmare… or the first woman?

formerly, the United States of America. Although, welcome is the wrong word, since the borders, will now be closed. Too late for many to get out even, because how will the world be able to absorb all Americans, now fleeing their nation? I just read that the Canadian Immigration site has crashed.

Nazi America, has voted for the re-incarnated Hitler, who today is called Trump. Like Britain did in June, the Americans want their country back. Although, back? Back from what? They have not been paying absorbent amounts of money to the EU, so they can not get their country back from SOMEONE. What they want is to GO back. Turn the clock back, like “Alice in the Looking Glass” just did in the cinemas. What the IQ-liberated Americans do not understand (Trump has informed them all that he is the only one with an IQ in America, but that they should not feel sorry about this fact.), which Alice got to learn the hard way, is that there is no way to turn the clock backwards, there is no way to go back. You can only move forward, you can’t stop development and progress.

Trumpland wants to go back to the good old days when everyone was a cowboy and carried a gun at their hip. When it was allowed to shoot anyone on the spot without repercussions. When it was allowed to string up a black person in the nearest tree, because the person was not white skinned. When women, laced up in corsets, had no rights to vote or had no say in anything, but stayed by the stove cooking, cleaning and having children. They want to go back to a time, when the few women allowed to work, had to accept sexual innuendos and that the co-workers stuck their hands up their skirts, because no trousers were allowed! And they want to go back to when it was perfectly normal to keep your child away from school, when you did not approve of the curriculum. Now they will have that, because Mr Hitler has promised them that!

The women, were the ones who got Hitler in to power the last time! They adored him, they loved him the more, the worse he treated them. He made sure they always sat on the front row, when he gave his speeches, to give him the courage to say what he had to say, and to give him all the self confidence, a look of excitement and love can give. They worshipped him, even though the nazis spat at their women. They were not allowed to work, to get an education, to wear make up or fashionable clothes. They were supposed to be plain, baby-making machines.

And this nation, who voted yesterday, who fought the nazis, and the fascists over in Japan, side by side with Britain. Thousands of young men died on the beeches of Normandy and in the forests by the Ardennes, fighting Hitler, and now the nation has been conquered by Hitler, just like he said would happen. He claimed that there was no need to invade Britain, that things would sort themselves out. They did! Brexit, is just another word, for the success of Hitler’s Third Reich. He won! He won the war, his ideas has conquered the world. He now has conquered the former United States of America. There was no need to waste young German men, time was all that was needed.

Like Hitler’s most devoted followers were women, so are Trump’s. I sat and looked at them yesterday, and of course all of them need to be lobotomized, since there is something seriously wrong when a woman looses her mind over a man who insults her in any manner possible. They say they want to go back in time, well, it is not Mr. Darcy the gentleman they have voted for. And no, he is not going to abandon that prostitute of his, to marry you. Nor did Hitler abandon Eva Braun. These leaders love bimbos yes, but you have to be a good-looking bimbo to get all the furs, jewels, swimming pools etc.! And ladies, honestly, even if you put a blind fold over your eyes, so you can’t see the man who is groping you, you honestly do not want THAT man to grope you! Even if Mr. Darcy is not available, one does not throw oneself at Mr. Collins or Mr. Elton! Yes, I do realize that in these women’s view, being groped by anybody, is a dream, and so is Trump’s fortune, but to sell yourselves, like his wife has done?

Businessmen in Nazi Germany thought Hitler was a clown, who could be ruled like a puppet. That his time would pass quickly.

It did not start with gas chambers but with hatred!

It did not start with gas chambers but with hatred!

Too late they discovered that he was a dangerous clown, someone who let people live out their darkest fantasies. He was the devil let loose, and “He’s back!” from the dead! Noone is going to be able to put a stop to Trump’s madness. The fool has fooled you all. What he said was not funny, not one bit. Instead it was a crystal ball, telling the future he was offering. What his govern will be like. And people swallowed it hook, sink and line. You don’t vote for someone, because you think that he is hilarious! You don’t vote for someone, who spreads hatred in society! You do not vote for a person, who lacks every ounce of humility and who tells everyone, that this is the way to be. You have just put Lucifer, the son of Lies, at the helm of your nation, America!

If I was a Jew, I would pack my bags as quickly as I could, and flee to Israel. Do not wait till Trump has built the camps! For all Mormons, pack your bags. America’s constitution is no longer valid. There will be no freedom of speech or religious freedom at all. Pax Dickinson, who I am sure will receive some important governmental post, has already promised a holocaust on all Mormons. He says it is long overdue and he is Trump’s best buddy. And I do not think that the muslims are in any doubt, where they stand with Trump. His first order of business will be throwing them out, alternatively sending them to Gitmo. Not to mention all the disabled, who have no future in Trumpland. How long will it be till he has resurrected and implemented T4?

A president who can not tolerate people less "perfect" than himself? How did you think here, America?

A president who can not tolerate people less “perfect” than himself? How did you think here, America?

I am ashamed of everyone, who voted for Trump. But even more ashamed of the people, who did so because of the FBI boss James Comey. How many millions did Trump stick in his pocket? Who in their right mind, votes for a fascist, because they do not want a woman in power? Or because that woman has sent some e-mails containing nothing worth repeating? How can one think that Hitler is to prefer to anyone?

And you know who I am the most ashamed of? The ones who did not vote at all! The bystanders, who said nothing while they could. The bystanders in nazi Germany, stood by and watched when Hitler took all the handicapped and terminally ill people, and gassed them. They stood by, when Hitler arrested all Jews and gassed them. After the war, they said they knew nothing or that they were never nazis. But if you do not speak up, you are silently agreeing. If you did not vote for Hillary or other candidates yesterday, YOU VOTED FOR TRUMP! YOU gave him the power, since you said nothing, like all the dissenters did with Hitler.

My poor husband is in shock, you can’t even talk to him. He thought Trump a clown that noone would take serious. My American part of the household, all voted Hillary. But Britain has gone fascist, now it was America’s turn. It doesn’t matter that there are people who do not agree with the policy of their nations or who are in charge. The ones who could have made a difference stayed silent. And the righteous do not scream loud enough or have just accepted the new reign of the dark side.

We have now entered the book of Revelations in the Bible, the final chapter has begun. I fear for my children. I am glad that I will never ever set my foot in the US again, or in Trumpland, but unfortunately, that nation effects all other nations. This morning the stock market has crashed and the dollar is going down, down, down. But do I feel like doing any shopping? No, I need to prepare for war instead. And the weapon needed this time, is faith and repentance. To stay strong, because the winds of war will be strong and colder than cold. No nation, will be able to say, who cares who rules in Trumpland?


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