A shirt for babies!

Just a cute little blog post about a conversation between my autistic 6-year-old son “Gubby”, whose IQ when it comes to language is 50, and my teenage daughter “Cookie:

“Take your shirt off! It is too small. It is for a baby!” “Gubby” tries to pull the shirt up because he really is getting disturbed by the fact that his sister obviously has a screw loose, who has put on a way too small shirt.

“No, it is supposed to be like this! It is one shirt but two parts. Look they are connected!”, answers “Cookie”, while she desperately tries to keep her shirt on. How does one explain to him so that he understands, that this, this is what is called high FASHION right now! Every single shop sells these.


To him the shirt is way too short and should not be worn by her. And can you really blame him?  This is a really odd fashion where the shirts don’t cover your belly botton and if you want to be modest, you have to wear something under it that usually doesn’t match. I only bought this shirt for “Cookie” at H&M, because I thought the roses were very pretty and romantic. Had it not come with a tank top attached to it, under, I would not have gone near it. I have seen what her 17-year-old sister does. She wears them without anything under them, since she complains that she gets too hot otherwise. In her mind, they do cover all that should be covered, and of course she will not listen to me when I tell her that it does NOT cover enough. She is showing her entire mid section, which she doesn’t believe, and I bought them with her promising to wear something under for sure.

Every shop I go to now, the shirts look all the same. They are all short and what is the purpose really? It doesn’t look nice unless you have a very tanned body and a flat almost six-pack stomach to show off. 10 cm extra and it might have passed for modest. Yes, I know what the stylists say at the TLC make-over programs. If you have hips, if you have a bottom that is not a firm little baby’s bottom, and if you have small breasts, you must never wear anything below your waist or the focus will be on the hips and bottom and everything which hangs below your waist, will make you look fat. But honestly, this fashion is really going too far. And are clothes only made now for those between 16-20, who can pull this sort of fashion off? What is the rest of humanity to put on when we go outside the door? I agree with “Gubby”, “Take it off! It’s for a baby!”


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