Do you have your receipt?

7 January 2014

In November, my beloved Clarisonic Mia 2, started acting weird. It was charged up. In the middle of the night, I really needed to go to the loo, and in the bathroom, I noticed a pulsating light, from over in the tray with all the soaps and hair things. I had to investigate and noticed that it was the Clarisonic. Just laying their wasting away the battery. Not sounding. No way of turning it off. I started to fear the worse and tried to make my poor brain remember when I had purchased it. Not easy when I had brain fog from my thyroid medication dose being too low. It felt like I had not owned it for more than one year, but I was not sure and I was certainly not sure of how long the warranty is for it.

After a quick search for the receipt, and not finding it, I walked in to the shop where they sell it. Not the one I bought it in, but a sister shop. “Do you have your receipt? Otherwise we can’t do anything!”. She had never heard of the problem before and did not want to talk to me without a receipt. So I walked home, charged up the Clarisonic, AGAIN, which one is not supposed to have to do more than every 10 days. I used it one day and it turned itself off as it is supposed to, after the minutes it is set for. I put it on the changing mat in the bathroom and the next time I walked in there, it was laying there pulsating again. The next morning it would not start at all and when I put on the charger, which is just attached to the machine by a magnet, nothing happened. Usually you hear the click sound when the magnets meet, but there was no such sound, and then it did not start pulsating like it is supposed to do, when it charges. It was stone dead and I started to count on how much money I had just lost.

My daughter and I walked in to the shop where I bought it, when out at the  after-Christmas sales, and I was honest. “I can’t exactly remember when I purchased it, but it is about a year, and it is stone dead. But so far I have not been able to find the receipt. I had it with the box that it came in, with the head it came with since the seller told me I had to buy a separate head for it, if I wanted one for sensitive skin. Since then I have found out, that the head it comes with, is for sensitive skin!!! Anyway, I can’t even find the box! So receipt and spare head are gone! I have turned the entire house upside down for the receipt! Is there anything I can do or have I just lost all the money? Can there be something wrong with just the charger?” T. was convinced it must be the charger’s fault. She told me that she did not think it was the charger and she asked if I at least could produce a bank statement. Happily, I went home and searched two years to make sure and I drew a sigh of relief when I saw that I bought the Clarisonic in December 2013. It was well within the two-year warranty. But I did not dare trust the girl, that a bank statement would be enough, because it of course did not say what exactly I had purchased that day from them. Sure, it was a hefty amount but there are women who buy lots of cosmetics in one go, I’m sure. Or perfume and… A couple of Clinique products and a woman would soon be up to the amount. Another problem was that I had bought it with a certain percentage off coupon, which I had received for joining their make up shop’s customer club. So the sum on the statement did not match the sum of the Clarisonics at all.

I sent T. to the shop with the bank statement and broken machine and hoped for the best. He was lucky I guess, since he soon phoned me and asked if I wanted a white, baby pink, purple or magenta coloured one. I picked the baby pink one which is in a bluish-pink tint. Very, very nice! Not as baby looking as the photo below shows. Nor as yellow pink! And once again I can get my face cleaned properly, after weeks of spots! And hopefully my skin cream is once again sinking in to do the wonders it promises. (!)

imageI do realize how lucky I was though, that the shop girl was understanding and willing to work with me. Perhaps they had had similar complaints before? Or they are anxious to only get good feedback? Or she felt sorry for me? Whichever, this is not a common thing anymore.

So why was I so sloppy with the receipt in the first place? I have no idea? The only thing that I can say in my defence, is that we have receipts coming out of our ears. You have to save ALL your receipts here, because if you don’t, you can’t exchange a broken item nor can you get your money back. Now, I ask you: How many of you save your receipts when you have bought all your six children new shoes? New knickers? Rain jackets? Wellingtons? Glues in the scrapbooking shop? Peaches in a basket at the supermarket? Pens at the bookstore? Every single shop demands that you keep your receipt! Otherwise, when you get home and open the net around the peach basket and discover that the second layer of the peaches are all full of white mold, you can not get a penny back! Otherwise, when all the seams of your child’s brand new winter boots break in two, after just a week’s use, you will not be able to get a new pair nor your money back!

I can go on and on and on. All parents will agree that the classic problem with rain clothes are, that the snaps on the rain trousers, come off! And since these sort of trousers are over-sized, to fit over children’s snow suits, in the rainy winters we now have, there is no way the child can wear them anymore. This one chain of store have their own brand of rain clothes with little Bamse, the bear, on the boy coloured ones, and his friend little Skutt, a bunny, on the girl coloured rain clothes. No other shop has them. But you must have a receipt or you are out of a lot of money and need to buy new ones again.image

Or how about the gel pens that don’t work? Or the running tape glue which just doesn’t roll itself up as it should, in the glue dispenser? The underwear with holes where there should not be any? The expensive luxury underwire bra where the wire crawls out and pricks you hard in your arm pit or in to your breast? The pretty shirt with the furry Hello Kitty print that comes out of the wash machine without the fur, even though you turned the garment inside out and washed it according to instructions? Or the black trousers that look like they are ten years old after just one or two washes, because all seams have gone white? Or even worse, where the fabric in your jeans look like it is going to tear around zipper and all seams, when you wear them, because you can see white threads, and the store tells you that they were sewn wrong but without your receipt, you can’t have your money back! Let’s say that I have lost count on how many times I have got burned.

Every time I have bought something, I put the receipt in a drawer in the kitchen. But when the drawer gets full, my husband puts them in such a secret spot that I will never find them again. And since he has the memory of an amoeba, he doesn’t remember where he put them for more than one second. If even that. Sometimes I think he does these things on automatic and is not even aware of what he is doing. How else does one explain constant memory loss. I can just say that it costs me a lot of money, if the items don’t break while the receipts still fit in that drawer. Now, I can understand the demand for receipts. Otherwise one person could come in with an extremely old product and demand their money back because it is old or she is bored of it. Or maybe the person did not even buy it in the shop in question. But, as someone who has had children for many, many years, I must say that the quality of clothing and also other products, have gone down. Which is why one has to save more and more receipts, that sometimes seem insane to keep. Should not the shops then be prepared for many returns, when they sell garbage? Maybe it is time to start another kind of system instead of the silly receipt system? Because this system works very poorly for big families and we are the ones who can not afford for things to break down and not getting or money back.

All shops, it seems, has their own customer clubs. And to not belong is costly. So I join everyone they offer me to join. So I can get newsletters about upcoming sales, coupons, rewards. But honestly, it has become insane. I don’t have room for all the cards they give me to show, to get my points, in my wallet. I have had to put them all in a little zipper bag and when I shop, I stand there searching through the entire pile. It’s always the last one in the pile. So if one had started at the bottom…or? Some, hands you a card when you join but tell you that they will just ask you for your social security number instead when you shop. THAT is smart. I like that. As long as they remember to ask. Not all shops do and when the customer remembers after paying, they just say, “Well better luck next time. You can’t get points for this purchase because you should have told me before you paid!” The point I am trying to make here is, that since they register all of our purchases for points but also I am sure, for targeted ads in newsletters, which they swamp me with, then the proof is right there! In the computers! So why should I have to show a receipt if they can look my purchase up on the computer and see the proof right there on the screen instead. Would save the trees! And would save me a lot of time, searching through the house, frantically, in a cold sweat, after a receipt I am not very likely to be able to localize anyway.



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