Romanian Roma beggars in Sweden: Breaking the law and abusing people

Letter to the editor at Metro (not mine): “They follow us on the platforms. They attack me at Mårtenstorget. Someone wants my ‘pant’ cans. Suddenly she stands there, demanding, with her mug like a weapon. This intrusiveness! They will not leave me alone.

They are everywhere. Standing guard outside ICA supermarket. Posted outside Konsum supermarket. Every entrance at Mårtenstorget. By the pharmacies, outside Nordea’s bank, Åhlens department store, Pressbyrån Newsagent, Widerbergs butcher, the train station… The beggars!

Yes, I know. Poor people. Homeless, poor, defenseless. Marginalised EU-citizens. And still. I am so bloody sick and tired of the entire situation. Of this total pavement occupation in central Lund. On the never-ending rattle sounds. Of sad faces, demanding faces, pleading faces, mechanical voices.

-Pliiiiis mister! -Pliiiiis madam! Accompanied by the rattle concert. And my thoughts are, the more people give, the more of them will arrive here. ‘It is legal, clean and nice, people (most of them) are kind, understanding and charitable.’ And then they tell their relatives in Romania, where there obviously is no social security net.

Cardboard signs with heartrending words (I shudder at all the misspellings). Pleading messages about sick children, need of support, money for medicine, hunger, contribution to their return journey home ( !) . Yes, what is one supposed to think?

Those one krona coins are not going to solve the problem. Even though some people open their purses and relieve their bad consciences. This feeling of being good and being solidaric enters.

The dilemma in the bigger perspective: Noone can do anything. Not the police. Not social services. Not the politicians. Not the government. Yes. Sweden ought to react much more forceful and firmly. Sweden should be more clear and demand things from Romania. An EU-country. They must be forced to take care of their own citizens! In many other regards there are rules and regulations. But in this particular question everything is very lax. Why must Sweden always be so ‘generous’?

We are a lot of people who have got sick and tired of this and suspect that the begging is organized and group-based. Maybe even with a criminal branching off. It is a shame that it is allowed to be continued. Do we have to get used to the beggars as a permanent picture now in our town-picture?

If everyone has the right to the public room – and demands respect for this right – then I demand the right to personal integrity. Yes, I am sure you know what I mean.” – written by Sven Karlsson

In a post about my son’s graduation (unfortunately unpublished since my son and I don’t agree on the photos), I mentioned this horrible picture on our town’s pavements. In the middle of the joy, of having a son or a daughter graduating (having finished formal school), flooding the pavements to see our children’s happy faces, we had to trip on these nuisances. Dirty disgusting people. Yes, I can not hide my disdain for these people anymore. I want them out of my country. They do not belong here. They contribute to nothing except making our streets looking dirty.

Odlarevägen in Lund where the gypsies had lived for three months when this was taken! The law says that they are not allowed to stay in Sweden more than three months so...

Odlarevägen in Lund where the gypsies had lived for three months when this was taken! The law says that they are not allowed to stay in Sweden more than three months so…

they painted the caravan green instead and then it is not the same caravan right????

they painted the caravan green instead and then it is not the same caravan right????

But the laundry in all the trees by the caravan looks just the same!

But the laundry in all the trees by the caravan looks just the same!

Where is your compassion you might ask? I have none for these people, not anymore. Romania has been a disgrace on the map of Europe for decades and how EU could have let them enter the European Union without putting up certain rules for their entrance, is beyond me. Those politicians in Brussels should have KNOWN that all the Roma would be the first to leave, to go beg for money. They have no intentions at all of being lawful, contributing citizens in any country. Easier to just sit on the street and let someone else take care of their kids.

More and more stories leak out to the press. Months ago I read about this young woman, 22 years old, who has come to Sweden to sit and beg for herself and her brother. 22 years old! She has decided that life is about begging, making others work for her living. All she does is sit there and waste time, waste her life, when she could have done something about her own situation. The borders are open. You can apply to stay, you can apply to school, you can apply for monetary support while you study but she has decided to be a lazy bum instead. Easier. You don’t have to exert yourself do you? Just sit there and make people feel sorry for you. Let them work instead! And then make them feel guilty about owning things.

We have a big mountain of lard sitting outside our ICA supermarket now, out here in our village. She has been here for about four months. Every day someone drives her out from town, to our village, when petrol in this country is very expensive. And then she sits there all day. She has forced away the Swedish man who has been standing in her spot, selling magazines for the homeless. Swedish citizens who sleep on the streets, not in fancy cars and caravans. Every time I walk by her, she says “hej, hej” in an automaton voice and rattles the coffee mug full of coins. And I don’t even look her way. I don’t want to see her because she disgusts me. She has decided that I am rich, that I have money to give her. Even when I walked in with all of my six children, she wanted me to give her money. And I totally agree with the man above. I am not going to give her a single thing because I want her to be thrown out of my country. (If you read my post about Hypothyroidism, you will be able to read about what happened when my doctor bought a bag of groceries to the gypsy sitting there. She threw the bag in the doctor’s face!)

On the children’s news on TV,some months ago, they showed this family with a much fancier Toyota bus than ours, parking every day outside this museum in a Swedish town. The mother disappeared to sit in her usual spot begging and the five daughters played in the car, putting on make up, painting their nails. When they got bored with being on the nearby playground, they walked in to the museum where this museum worker takes care of the five of them all day long. Every day! They get to paint and do crafts in this part of the museum, where children are supposed to get hands on experiences. The father was said to take care of his daughters when the mother begs, but that is not the story the girls gave. They go to the museum every day and have a blast. Now, I asked myself, if that Museum employee sits and entertain those five children every day, as the girls claimed, what will it cost the Museum visitors in entrance fees? The woman can not do her regular work or take care of her paying visitors, obviously, when she is babysitting these Roma kids who walk in for free. I have never ever heard anything as insane. Sweden babysitting the beggars’ kids! The children’s news of course asked why Sweden does not give them a home, food, school, while they are here. May I give another picture of Sweden? As a mother of three autistic children and one with ADHD and one to be tested.

On the 10 December, in Stockholm, there was a march for autistic and special needs children. It was the parent supports groups who had put it together. This day was chosen because that day, Malala received the Nobel peace prize in Norway, because she is demanding the right for children to go to school. Sweden thinks that is a great thing that she is demanding. That she stands up for the UN Child convention which says that all children in the world has this right. At the same time as the Swedish Nobel foundation did this, Sweden itself breaks against the Convention. Because in Sweden, there is no money for the autistic children. If they do not have an IQ under 70, they have to sink or swim in the regular school. And most do not have IQ 70 in all the areas tested. Like my son!  The situation is getting worse and worse. Just look at this chart:


In other words the chart shows that in Sweden, hardly any children receive Special Needs Education, EVEN THOUGH IT IS NEEDED!


Sweden is the worse place in Europe to live, if you have a diagnosis of autism, asperger’s or ADHD/ADD. Sweden is worse in Europe in taking care of its handicapped population and yet it diagnoses more and more children with the above syndromes. For what purpose? So don’t come and talk about taking care of the Romanian Roma population and it being our Christian duty. This is NOT a Christian country, but the most secular country in the world, and if you want to take care of anyone, take care of your own population! My three youngest are still waiting for the promised help! It will come in the millennium no doubt, when there is no need for help or a diagnosis!



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