Bear with me!

To all of my followers and to you who get notified when there is a new post etc. I am aware of that I am awfully behind in updating you on the latest in my life. Sometimes life just takes off in a direction you are not totally prepared for, or you are in the way that it is always hectic, but you did not really realize exactly how draining it would be and exactly how little free time you would have. Since school started in August, my life has been like that and one of the things which has come to suffer from this, is my blogging. I can stand in the shower and start a post or go to bed composing an entire blog post in my mind while falling asleep, but I never get my thoughts typed up. So, things feel very upsetting right now, because I have SO much to tell, so little time to do so, and I just keep falling more and more behind.

I will update all of you as soon as time permits and to be frank, the largest stumbling block today, is Apple and their new forced update on my iPad. They have made it impossible for me to import photos to my blog and downloading photos from the internet. I can’t even add pictures to my Pinterest account, which is enormously aggravating! I went away on holiday, all on my own, and when I came back, my iPad behaved like a monster. If the screen doesn’t freeze or it refuses to let me use my keyboard, then there is some other hiccup. My husband has promised to take a look at my picture problem at least, since this has prevented me from pushing the publish button on several posts now! But, he has absolutely zero time to help me.

So bear with me, my draft list is FULL of posts that only need editing or pictures. As soon as I can get help, I will publish a whole “book”! So just hold out for a little bit longer and there will soon be lots of words from me.

See you soon!


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