Spectacles & Misery

There seems to be no end to my woes when it come to trying to get new eyeglasses. When I ordered my new glasses on the 4th June, no way did I anticipate all the hassle that I have encountered since. Not only being not too happy about the frames themselves, since I did not really have anything to choose from, but not being able to look out through them either, without getting terribly dizzy and motion sick, it’s as bad as it can get. I went to another branch to have them looked at and after having a new examination of my eyes, the first glasses were deemed to be wrong for my eyes. The lens part that is. A new “cut” was ordered, we went to Denmark and when there, we received a text message that they were at the shop, ready to be fetched. It took a week before we could get in to town to fetch them, and lo and behold…

I still could not behold! I looked through the glasses and got dizzy. The young woman in the shop, which was full of people, told me that she could not do anything right then and there. I had to go home, but NOT wearing them since that would have been too risky, and then put them on at home to see if I can get used to them. I did what she ordered and let’s say, it did not feel good. I have tried to put them on, from time to time the last couple of days, but there is no point. If I push them up where they should sit, but where they will not stay, then I can look forward. Say, sit in my armchair and watch TV. But if I let my eyes wander to the side, to look at a book beside the TV, then I feel motion sick because things are not in focus. If I sit in the armchair and look at the book-case, at the other end of the living room, then I feel like I am cross-eyed. Well, I am! But glasses should prevent this from happening. And I can not see my nose, so it is not that bad with the glasses but close to it.

Worse, if I decide to turn my head over to look at the pillow on the sofa beside the arm-chair, then it takes two-three seconds before my eyes adjust and can see clearly again through the glasses. I could not sleep properly last night, nor nap properly this morning, even though I was exhausted, because in my mind, I had to practice my defence speech at the eyeglass place. It did not help that “”Gubby”, all night,  kept on putting his legs on my legs, put his knees in my back, stuck his fingers up my nose, all in his sleep, but still. I needed my sleep and was getting none!

I was so nervous, I caught myself shaking on the way in to Lund. The girl had told me that if it does not work with this strength, then it might mean that I can not have that strength of glasses, even though I need it. Then they have to make them weaker OR I have to take them back down south, where I bought them, and ask for my money back. Which has to be done before three months have passed. That means things have to be sorted before the 4th September. It was not fun at all to go in and explain everything all over, for the woman in the shop. She took the glasses, heated them up, tried to bend them in a straighter shape, and had me try them on. They felt a little bit better, but they were not great.

What has happened is that the my eyes need this sort of lens, a convex one: imageBut some people get nauseous from this. Why do I always have to be in the category of “some people”? And the problem with my eyeglasses is worsened by the fact that the frames also bend! What I need is eyeglass frames which are straight. Now she is going to ask her boss tomorrow, the optician, if the frames I had the optician in Burlöv pick for me, can be straightened out. Otherwise, I will either have to go down in strength, which I do not think they will recommend or I will have to pick another kind of frame for the lenses. I who really liked them! (It’s the reading glasses, which I am not too happy about, look wise.)  And to pick new ones, I will have to drive all the way down to Burlöv and ask the yawning football-fanatic Arab down there, for my money back, and then head for town and start all over again.

I really want to rip my hair out. I can only say this: IF the glasses have to be returned down south, then my husband will have to do it. He can go in and tell his football buddy (see previous eyeglass post), that thanks to their chat about the world championship in football, I still sit without the eyeglasses I need! If the Arab had listened back when I fetched the eyeglasses, that they made me dizzy, then we could have been spared a lot of trouble! I refuse to see that man again or set my foot in the Burlöv shop. Whatever inspired me to go there in the first place? Sometimes it does not pay to be inventive and open-minded, that’s for sure. So, the story continues. Tomorrow, I head to town, with all the boys in tow, to hear the verdict. But I suspect that there is no solution when it comes to my pretty black eyeglasses with a pink inside. I feel very upset and very, very sad! Why does every aspect of my life have to be hell or complicated?


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