A miracle called a Giraffe

Many, many years ago, I decided to follow my heart and my convictions, and join a church and religion that my family did not approve of, nor were interested in joining themselves. My sister declared one day out of the blue, don’t know why (maybe she thought I would try to convert her?), that she is an atheist and believe that we come from monkeys. I did not take the bait and ask who created them then? I just thought it strange that two sisters can believe such different things. Now, my son, who recently graduated from gymnasium, have had to sit in a classroom, with atheists for three years and listen to all their anti-religion propaganda and accusations. But why am I bringing all this up?

I slept in this morning, but when I finally dragged myself out of bed, I decided that the best way to start the day, was to get the Sunday school lesson out-of-the-way. We keep my gigantic church bag which contains everything from crayons, folders for all the pupils in the class, lesson book and so on, in the corner, out-of-the-way, in the sitting room. I walked over and started digging for note-book, Sunday school book, a picture of Samson tearing down the building to kill the Philistines in it, my pen and finally grabbing my scripture bag. But while I was doing this, a children’s documentary came on TV. And I started listening in. It was all about giraffes. When they mentioned how far, the little giraffe baby has to fall when being born, I turned around because this I wanted to see. It looked imageawful, the poor thing dropping several meters and then trying to stand up, just falling straight over with the long neck. I sat there and said “oh, poor thing”. “Gubby” who had been doing his little gallop on the deck outside, came in to see what I was “oh-ing and ah-ing” about. So, we both sat down on the sofa, he on my lap, and we commented on everything.

They sure are absolutely amazing. At first, the baby spends all the time in seclusion with its mother, but then the narrator said that it joins “the day care” imagewhere all the mothers help watching out for dangers, protecting the babies in a group. He called it the baby’s “skyscraper family”. Funny description. They also showed the absent father, who abandons all his ladies, after the “romantic” act, in search of new females. It showed how they only sleep, for ten minutes at a time, because nothing else is safe. Some giraffes sleep, laying down, while others guard. All very interesting but here comes the most interesting part of all:

All long-necked animals have 7 vertebrates. Even the giraffes. They are just longer, more stretched out. When they need to drink, they have to bend somehow and it is not enough to bend the long neck, they still do not reach the water, so they have to almost go down in a split. Bending down like they do, ought to give them a severe head ache, the voice said, since all the blood rush to your head when you do that, BUT in the case of the giraffe, there are breaks all along, for this not to happen. The blood does not rush at all, because of these built-in breaks. They do not stay down drinking for long though, they do not feel imagesafe enough for that, so they soon have to stand up again, to check what is going on around them. This takes enormous effort, according to narrator. According to nature, the giraffe would pass out, raising its head and neck, BUT once again, it does not happen because its extra big heart, will pump extra hard and give the body a boost, so it can do it without harm. The heart weighing all of 11,5 kilos! Imagine! That is a lot. And the only reason for it being so big, is in order for the giraffe to be able to stand up again after drinking. If that is not amazing, what is? That is when I started to think about these atheists who say that the Earth and everything on it, was NOT created by a God.

Who else could have thought out such a genius thing except a God? If nature had been allowed to rule, the giraffe would have got a head ache out of this world, every time it needed to drink and it would have fainted after every sip of water, when it needed to look for dangers. But that is not at all what happens, is it? Everything is thought of in close detail, everything works perfectly to save that species, just like with every other species on this planet. How can one say that this just happened by co-incidence? Things like this, do not! There is a great plan behind it.

If this had not impressed me and “Gubby”, the next thing certainly did. It talked imageabout the Acacia tree, that is their main food. The tree has thorns, to protect it from animals eating on it. But I guess it is supposed to be food for giraffes, because their fur, work like a shield, and their lips have extra thick texture to the, so the thorns don’t hurt. And their long tongues easily avoid the thorns, going around them. But the tree has more protection. The leaves, contain gall acid, that would give you and me, terrible indigestion and stomach cramps. And not only that, the trees communicate. If a giraffe starts eating leaves on one tree, the leaves go more acid on that tree. To protect itself, it steps up the acid production. It also sends out a gas to warn the other trees, so they can step up the production of acid as well, protecting themselves from eaters. Has anyone noticed how giraffes drool? They even have built-in protection against the Acacia tree’s second defense mechanism. Their saliva contains exactly what they need to break down that gall acid, in the leaves, in order to safely eat them and walk off happily and content, without indigestion and pain.

As a little side note, they also know that eating the leaves, will not give their imagebodies all the nutrition, they need. They also need minerals, so if they find a bone, on the ground, they will pick it up and suck on it, to get the minerals. And if there are no bones to suck on, they will lick the ground! No nutritionist tells them what they need, to stay healthy, they just know and do it. Perfect!

“Gubby” sat and watched everything closely, and got upset when it looked like imagethe thorns were hurting the giraffes or when the birds who landed on them and ate ticks, also looked like they were hurting them. He did not really understand what the narrator said, and just looked at the film, so I had to act interpreter for what was happening the entire time. But even he, who is so young, realized that this is all very fantastic. The ways the animal world exist and goes on year after year. He thought it was terrible when the giraffe kicked a lion, till I explained, that the lion wanted to eat her baby, and by kicking the lion, she made the lion go away.

So, if you ever start doubting that there is a God and that he created the world and everything on it, start studying one of his creations, like the giraffe, and you will soon understand that this was no accident, this was no coincident, this was made by a master architect with intimate knowledge of how everything in the world functions and is connected, organs, bodies, nature…


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