Birthday #1: A brave one!

21 May 2014:

Totally stressed out, I dropped “Gubby” at pre-school and rushed home to start making the home-made ice-cream cake, which is T.’s favourite. Since we are so many, I always make a double recipe nowadays, and the first time I did this, to my horror, I discovered that a couple of hours was not enough to harden the batter. The best thing is to get it done the night before, to assure that it has frozen properly. But I could not get the cake done last night, since noone had bought me the ingredients! But I hoped for the best. It started off poorly when I could not find sugar anywhere. I had to search high and low, and I was so stressed out I let out a primeval scream. It actually helped because I found the sugar! But after searching for 20 minutes. The clock was ticking and ticking. I used my Kenwood for making the batter, for the first time, and this was a major mistake. It became light and fluffy alright, but the batter is supposed to have some thickness to it, and what I poured out over crumbled digestive biscuits, was soup! This has never happened to me before, when making this, so I got upset and did not know if the whole thing was spoiled or if it still would harden alright. The thing with it being so loose, was also, that when I poured theimage soup batter over the digestive biscuit crumbs, they did not stay put but scooted to the sides. I realized that the pieces cut from the cake, would not contain biscuit at the bottom, unless one got a piece from the outer edges. I don’t care one way or the other, but I knew instinctively that there would be gnashing of teeth. The children and their dad, especially, love this part of the cake.

Then I went over to the activity of wrapping presents. A meagre little collection. I did buy him a piké shirt, since all of his look appalling, but it honestly is no fun shopping clothes for him. All sorts of things look nice on the hangar in the shop but on his body, with his seven-month-pregnant belly, nothing really looks that great. One just have to go for nice colours and hope that this is all that people will look at. This year’s was in navy blue with stripes in petrol and aqua. Colours I love, and a look of shirt that I could live with. But I had to drive miles on end to get his size! In a way I think that all these weird diets of his, LCHF, Paleo, Atkins, have done him more harm than anything. He looks just the same in body size and who knows what his arteries look like, after he started gorging himself in fat, because “that is how our grandparents lived and ate”. Maybe, but they did not sit parked in front of computers all day, they worked hard and they bicycled to work and back, every day in all weather conditions.  A life few people live today in the Western world.

imageMy other gifts for him was the book, “Johnny and the Bomb” by Terry Pratchett. One of those authors, T. loves. He has read lots of the Discworld books while I have only read two of them. Hilarious though, so I ought to read more out of the series. I am sure the Johnny books are equally funny. I got him a used copy which was supposed to be like new, but it smells skunk, so I was not too pleased with my purchase. I hope the smell will wear off, before his starts reading it. On the other hand, he doesn’t have my bionic nose, so maybe he will not even notice it? I also bought two DVDs for him which I think will be a hit. “Blandings” which must be a fun one sinceimage Jennifer Saunders is in it, and it is a P.G. Wodehouse classic. We love P.G. Wodehouse in this household! And we also love Maggie Smith so the other DVD is “From Time to imageTime”, which is some sort of ghost story. T. loves everything ghost, so why not. I am definitely no ghost fan, so I hope it is not too bad. I don’t need any nightmares, thank you.

Together the children and I bought two silly little things for his office. Lego just started to sell these little bags with the Simpson characters. I hate the Simpsons. Especially “Homer”! Unfortunately, my teenagers and husband loves the series and I am afraid that my husband resembles “Homer” in many ways, so they thought it would be soooooo funny, if we got him these little character mini figures. I bought them off eBay to make them happy. And him. When they arrived, weeks ago, “Gubby” was the only one home. Together we wrapped them up. I told him it was all a secret and that he must not tell daddy. As soon as his daddy walked in through the door that evening, “Gubby” ran up to him and said “Daddy, you will get Lego for your Birthday”. I just shook my head from the living room. Good thing my husband never listens to anything when he comes in through the door. He just has a cow over all jackets and shoes on the floor. On the other hand, he hardly ever listens to “Gubby”, so I have to point out for him to listen, tell him “He is talking to you!image He is saying….”. Are all men like this? It drives me nuts? We got our ears to listen with and our mouths to talk with, but he and D. seem to not have quite got that clue yet. I have wondered for years if it is a family disease or what? This time, I did not tell him to listen to “Gubby” though. No need for him to find out what his Birthday present was going to be! Not in advance anyway.

I did not get much rest in the morning and in the afternoon, when I had fetched all children, I sat down to the monumental task of writing the Försäkringskassa, in order to apply for care allowance. This time it was “Gubby” I had to describe, what it is like to live with him and what I have to do for him, that is so much extra work that I need a care allowance. It was truly depressing. I love him so much that I do not feel that what I do for him is extra work. It is taking care of him, nothing else. I guess when they read it, it will sound like a lot, but as a parent, does one really think that way? You do what is needed, that is how it is and it will not change whether you get care allowance or not. It feels like a betrayal to put it down on paper though. For other people to read and for them to determine if it is work in excess or not. It took hours to write it all down, since the children fought in the background and did not want me busy like this. Nor did they want to wait for their dad to arrive home, anymore. “Boo” has been hyped up about this day for weeks and so has “Gubby”, but his enthusiasm is controllable and mild-mannered. “Boo’s” is more of a misbehaving-while-I-wait attitude, since he feels the wait is too long. And “Kitty’s”, is the bouncing ball off the walls kind.

I had still not finished the write-up, when he did walk in through the door, so he and the others got busy fixing the raw vegetables, we were having for dinner, the dip and setting the table. When I was called to the kitchen, I had finally finished what I had to say, and I entered a kitchen full of balloons and expectant family. Believe it or not, but the cake had actually frozen the way it should have, so it was not ruined after all. But “Dollie” quickly asked, after putting her cake fork to her piece, “did you forget to put digestive biscuit crumbs at the bottom of the pan?”. So, I had to explain all the mishaps of the morning. They took it well though and the cake was polished off in no time. T. seemed to like all his presents. He did not say anything about the smelly book and seemed excited imageover the DVDs and the book. I could tell that the children were not too impressed with anything but the Lego “Homer Simpson” and “Bart”, which I bought as an afterthought since some of our boys can be at least as rascally, or? Perhaps not quite!

When the cake had been eaten and presents inspected, we all moved out to the sofa and I showed which film we were to watch. They ALL got very excited since they have waited  for basically two years to see this film! I’m not sure why I have waited this long to purchase it and show it to them? Usually, I try to get new films when they are new, because they always have a price competition between different shops, nowadays, instead of making them extra expensive. So, I usually stock up on good new films and whoever have a Birthday soon thereafter, will have the new film shown on their Birthday. Butimage this did not happen with “Brave” for some reason. And it hasn’t happened for two years. But now I had run in to it on sale, and thought “why not?”. “Gubby” was not too impressed with the film. It was a little bit too complicated of a story for him to understand, or he just could not sit still? But the rest of us really loved it. It was a good story. About a girl who fights her fate. And about being careful with what you wish for, because it might not exactly be what you expected. And that there are consequences to all your choices. We watched it in Swedish, for the little ones’ sake, but I am sure that the older ones will want to see it in English in the next couple of days, since we are all in love with the brogue accent and all things Scottish!



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