Wrecking my adrenal glands!

For all of my readers and followers: I have not forgotten my blog, but life is so hectic that I am falling more and more behind in documenting my life. I guess I could say that I am trying my best to destroy my adrenal glands! 😦 My stomach is in an uproar, I feel like a nervous wreck and there is absolutely no way to calm down. The schools are crazy and asking way too much out of us parents. For weeks now, there has been things almost every night to go to and my little shadow, has really become my little shadow. “Gubby” is becoming more and more clingy since I just disappear every evening and he is left with fighting brothers and teenage siblings who can not handle the situation. It’s not an optimal situation but what does one do? I have to go to all the things of the different children in question, at different evenings, or the particular child will feel less cared for. And of course the child wants both parents there since everyone else has both parents in attendance!

I have put titles on probably ten posts to come, updating everyone about my whereabouts. But so far, they are just titles without content. It will all have to wait till things calm down here. Today, I have to write the text on D.’s student sign, providing I get the time to stop at a shop selling magic markers. And I have to sew hat and ribbon, on to the little Alfons doll, which actually did arrive. Thank heavens. T. has been sorting out a walk-in closet upstairs with the result that our entire hallway downstairs and the entire living room, are full of black garbage bags full of clothes, that he wants me to sort through. Thanks a lot. Like I have the time to go through clothes right now. But his timing is always out of sync. He really displays ADHD under stress. He does the most odd ball things, which has nothing to do with what ought to be done in the household and then we just stand there and wonder if he has gone totally bananas. D. is so upset about the mess his dad has created. I have a good notion to just take all the bags upstairs again, so we can have a nice clean look for Wednesday. It’s not fun to celebrate the most important day in D.’s life, in this mess!

And this evening, T. and I, have to take “Boo” to school at 17:00, because his class is putting on a show about animals. Question is if I should bring “Gubby” so he knows where I am. He doesn’t like to sit still though, but there will be a lot of singing which he likes. We also need to get picnic food for an entire day, since “Cookie”, “Kitty” and “Boo” have a sports’ day tomorrow or rather a team-building activity organized by the school (every year during the last week). I noticed some white hairs in my hair Friday and I refuse to stand at D.’s graduation looking like that, so I must squeeze in toning of my hair and cutting off bangs as well, since they are irritating my eyes. Tomorrow evening the house has to be immaculate and all clothes need to be sorted out for Wednesday. We will all be in our best. But since “Boo” is going to a farm, Wednesday morning, I will have to bring not only Sunday clothes for him, to his school that day, but also cleaning stuff, to get all dirt off. I am sooooooooo nervous about that day. For the children to go to school that day and T. and I, having to go there and fetch them already around noon, when “Boo” might not even be back at the school, is catastrophic. All three will have to get dressed at school. Then we will have to go in search of a parking place with hundreds of other parents. D.’s teachers have told them that parents need to show up early in order to get parking and a place where they can see the classes come out. The third graders will be having lunch at the University and then march off to the school through town. I must catch him during the march somewhere and give him his whistle since they will be padded down before the lunch, so they are not bringing any whistles with them inside.

According to him, they will march in at around 14:15, gather inside for a speech by the headmaster and then 14:30 time is finally there for each class to come out, sing and throw their caps in the air. His class is going to be one of the first ones to come out, being the elite class. He and the others will join their parents holding their signs, for a short while and then they will go on the lorries for 2 1/2 hours. I am not sure what we will do with ourselves during this time, if we should go home and prepare dinner or what? It’s not like one can be in town with our boys, is it? D. is looking forward to this day like nothing else and all I feel is stress because I want everything to be perfect for him. Which makes it look like I am very negative about the day. Poor thing mowed the lawn Saturday and he has had an awful reaction to the grass, so he is all red and swollen around his eyes, and his eyes are completely red as well. I feel really bad. Not the way we thought he would look on his graduation and photos! I wish I had gone out and mowed the lawn instead. Since T. never does it, except for last week, I guess I will have to learn how to manoeuvre the mower. D. said this morning that he will give me a crash course. Don’t know how that will go! “Dollie” informed me yesterday  “mamma, I don’t think technology is really your thing!”. You don’t say!?

They all have regular school day Thursday, except D. All the other students will drink massively Wednesday evening, so the school expects them to have terrible hang-overs that day. In the evening we head off for “Cookie’s” class performing the Scottish play which one should not mention the name of. I will NOT bring any of the little ones there so D. and “Dollie” must help keeping them away from each other in the evening. And finally Friday, the schools end. The children’s ceremony in the Catholic church starts at 10:00 while “Dollie’s” start already at 8:30, since the 2nd graders probably has theirs at 9:30. D. and his fellows will have theirs at 11:00 and then he gets his final grades. Then starts un-employment. They are so happy on Wednesday and Friday, not knowing or thinking about the future. The song they sing is about the future being theirs. Well, it can take years, before the future really is theirs. But enough about that now. It is a mile stone in his life, and he and the others should be exactly as happy as they will be that day! Please keep your fingers crossed that my body will cope with all this stress and that I will survive this week.

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