ADHD and Care Allowance in Sweden

Tuesday 20 May 2014:

As if I did not have enough to do, these last weeks of the school year, another problem has been added to all the others. And a totally unnecessary one. I could not believe it, when I fetched the post coming home from my adventures in town, and found a letter from “Försäkringskassan” (Social Insurance). I thought that it had something to do with “Gubby”, since I am supposed to apply for care allowance for him and have been waiting for the doctor’s certificate saying that he has Autism. It just arrived some days ago, but I have not sat down to the monumental task of writing together what it is like to live with him. They want a total description of daily life with him, in order to assess if we are eligible for the care allowance at all and then they have to decide whether to award us 1/4 of it, 1/2, 3/4 or a full care allowance. With ADHD, you only get 1/4 for example. It all takes 160 days or something, so I should have started already but it feels SO HEAVY!

Today’s letter from them had nothing to do with “Gubby” though! I could not believe my eyes when it contained an application for “Kitty” and it asking for a new doctor’s assessment. I got furious and phoned the number printed in the letter and asked what on earth this was about. The doctor wrote the certificate in July, I did not get the application to Försäkringskassan written until September, because it is such an awful thing to do. And then they still phoned me in November, to have an interview with me, in order to clarify things and get further details. It was so draining. There I spent hours on writing it all up and hours in the interview and now they want a new application, new doctor’s certificate and a new interview. Do they think that I find this funny? That I do not have more important things to do with my life than this?

The lady who answered, was the lady who interviewed me in November and she said that this all happened because the doctor who wrote the certificate had written  that a new assessment had to be done in a year. I got livid and asked the lady, like she could answer!, what the doctor meant by this? Did she think he would suddenly get cured from something you can’t be cured of? I also asked what the doctors usually write and how often this is supposed to be done, this application business, because this is just too much work! She told me that doctors usually write that a new assessment should be done in 2-5 years, not a year. While I had her on the phone, I sorted out details about the application for “Gubby”. She told me that I needed to get a doctor’s certificate in for “Kitty” before the end of June, if I want continued care allowance for him. And that I need to write up things on “Gubby”, as quickly as possible.

When I had hung up, I immediately phoned BUP and asked what on earth they meant by writing up a stupid certificate that was only valid for a year! I demanded a new certificate before the beginning of June. I did not tell them, that I had to have it before the end of June, because these people will not do things rapidly and I want things out-of-the-way. If I had said before the end of June, they will post it to me the 29th June. No way I want to wait that long. So I demanded it before the beginning of June, hoping it would not take months like “Gubby’s” did. The secretary said that she doesn’t know who will write it and if he has to come in for a new medical, because the doctor that worded the first certificate last year, is now on maternity leave for a year. I really got angry and said that I can’t run there however often and that this is not MY fault, that she should not have written it so that it sounded like he was going to be cured in a year’s time.

So far I have decided that I am not going to break my back over this thing. I refuse to write up anything on “Kitty” at all. Försäkringskassan is going to have to phone me up and interview me, because it takes too much energy and time, to write things up and since I did it less than eight months ago, they can forget me doing that again. It seemed like they still had as many questions after reading what I wrote, so then it’s better that they just ask the questions they want answered. Instead of me writing what I guess they have questions about! When it comes to “Gubby”, I will write things up since it is more than likely that I will forget half of what I have to do with him, in an interview. So, I filled out, on the form that they have to interview me on all things pertaining to “Kitty”, and I will write things up on “Gubby” and if they want more on him, they have to interview me about him as well. That is how far I have got today. Tomorrow, I will have to sit down and do the dreadful thing: think through what my life really is like with “Gubby”, what he needs help with, what makes him more work than other children. As you can imagine, not a pleasant task at all, since I love him SO much and do not want to think of him as extra work.


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