Jobbik, Hungary and the Jews

Hungary I guess can pride themselves with upholding tradition after Sunday’s results in their election. Their Nazi past is not at all a thing of the past and is one of the dirtiest spots on the map of Europe. To hear that they have in no way dealt with their past, that they have absolutely no shame over what they did and are perfectly willing to do it again, makes me shudder. Last night D. sat and read the following to me: ” Jobbik: Register all the Jews – they are a national security risk”.


And this after I just finished Laurence Rees’ book “Auschwitz”. In 1939, Hungary stood in fore two choices, fear the Germans and stay as far away from them as possible or kiss up to them and get territory! Providing they won the war that is. In October 1940, the Hungarians decided that Germany was going to win, so they happily joined the war on their side. As a thank you, they received Transylvania and were happy and content, till the Russians started getting closer in 1943 and they realized that Germany might not win the war after all. They now tried to distance themselves from Germany and Hitler decided that it was time to go in and steal what could be stolen in Hungary. From the Jews. Hungary had 760 000 of them which in other words meant, 5 % of the population.

20 March 1944, Adolf Eichmann arrived to rob the Jewish population of everything they owned and then deport them to Auschwitz. At first, the Germans just demanded 100 000 of the Jews, but the Hungarians begged them to take all, just like Slovakia did, since like them, the Hungarians did not want to get stuck with Jewish women and children, who had no way of supporting themselves. Eichmann was happy to comply with their wishes. What ensued was just ghastly. Auschwitz was re-organized in order to receive all the Hungarian Jews. Rudolf Höss, did a come-back in the camp, as Rees said. He made sure the train tracks to the heart of Birkenau were completed, that a new ramp by the crematoriums was built, five deep pits for burning the bodies were dug and the ovens in crematoria 5 were repaired.

The Hungarian Jews had been living in relative safety up till then, even if they had been living with the usual antisemitism associated with nazis and nazi-sympathisers. The “usual laws” had of course been imposed as well. But now things changed over night. Over 440 000 Hungarian Jews were transported to Auschwitz in just a few months and the majority went straight to the gas chambers in a murdering frenzy never seen in Auschwitz before. 320 000 died in just 8 weeks! The only comparable number to this, was the initial murders in Treblinka, years earlier. To keep up with the dead bodies, the nazis upped the numbers of Sonderkommandos from 200 to 900. Nikolaos Michaloliakos (see bottom photo) of the Greek neo-nazi party “Golden Dawn”, asks “What Auschwitz? Where you there?”. No, most Greeks who were, are probably dead by now, if not killed in Auschwitz. But Laurence Rees managed to interview two Sonderkommandos, men who were part of this group, who took care of the dead Hungarian Jews. Two greek Jews by the name of Dario Gabbai and Morris Venezia (lovely names!!) and I wish they could have stood in front of this Michaloliakos and said: Yes, we were. You bet we were. We had to stand and cut off the hair of every dead Hungarian Jew, so that railroad personnel would get leg warmers and submarine crews would get felt socks! We also had to stand and watch the pretty Jewish girls go in to the gas chambers and the SS put their hands on their labias and sticking their fingers up their vaginas! Girls who were virgins, saving themselves for their husbands according to tradition and Jewish law”

The head of Hungary, Admiral Horthy, did not stop the deportations till 9 July 1944 and it was certainly not because he felt ashamed or sorry for the Jews. Not even being criticized by the Pope, President Roosevelt and the King of Sweden, could make him budge on his decision to let the Germans have all the Hungarian Jews. The only thing which made him stop the deportations, was when a member of the Jewish Agency in Geneva sent a telegram to England, demanding that individual members of the Hungarian government must be held personally responsible for the crime. He got scared in other words, but he did not do anything till Germany was weak. By this time the Normandy invasion had taken place and the Russians were getting very close to Budapest. It was time for him to get an alibi, as Laurence Rees said, in his book.

In the middle of October 1944, the nazi-supported Arrow Cross party took over Hungary and got rid of Horthy. The Russians being so close, prevented further deportations of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz, so Eichmann now sent them on a death march to Austria, instead, on foot. 80 000 Jewish women and children had to leave Budapest without food, marching in rain and snow, to Mauthausen and Dachau. The book I have just read doesn’t state how many Hungarian Jews died in the Holocaust, but it does state that 438 000 Hungarian Jews died in Auschwitz, which was the largest number from any of the countries. Not even from Poland was the number higher (300 000). And that was  just Auschwitz, since the estimated number of dead Hungarian Jews, is about 550 000, according to one site. Over half a million.

And once again, Jobbik wants to “register all Jews – they are a national security risk”. Why does this leave a very sour taste in one’s mouth? To most sane people, who know their history, this sounds very much like a preparation to repeating 1944 in Hungary. Plant the seed in a population’s heart and it will bloom eventually when things get really bad economically. Then it will be easier to follow the stream than to stand up and fight it. If there actually is anyone who wants to fight it in Hungary? Jobbik gets 14,7% of the country’s votes already and rabbi Schlomo Koves in Budapest, declares that anti-Semitism has never left Hungary. That in combination with Jobbik inciting hatred and accusing the country’s Jews of being spies for Israel and the USA and also accusing those two of turning the country in to a colony, according to a member of parliament, makes the situation very dangerous for Hungary’s Jews. Jobbik claims to not be anti-Semitic but who is believing them? Their party top consists of clever people, according to journalist Ferenc Szlazsanszky, and they say one thing among themselves and one thing to the public. Why does that ring a bell? The Swedish Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) in my country do the same thing. And the Nazis did the same thing: Final Solution, Organizing, Re-location… In every country in Europe, after Sunday’s election, parties like these came in to power one way or another. Parties who say one thing to their members and another to the public. But they are what they are: Nazis! And no country can pat themselves on their backs and say, it’s only Hungary which have this problem. We all have them now and we have all listened to the so-called experts who have said that “they are really no danger to society, it’s all pretty innocent, the police is keeping an eye on them, it’s only in Hungary it is really bad but we don’t have that here at home”. Sunday’s election has shown that these parties are growing stronger and stronger in every European country and it is getting too late to hold them back. The damage is already done. It’s far from just Hungary which is having a dangerous problem on their hands and this made my son state to me last night:

“I don’t want to live in this sort of Europe!” Who does? How can we not have learned from history what so ever?



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