Eurovison Song Contest: a sign of the Book of Revelations taking place here and now

Sunday 11 May 2014

What was last night’s Eurovision contest all about? A political statement? Noone in their right mind can accuse the right song for having won. It was not at all a competition between songs was it, although most artists seemed to think so. Or hoped that it would be.

I can only say this, that this “Conchita’s” performance with false tears, will not win any Oscar in my book. Nor will his statement that his song is all about humans being equal. Every single homosexual man I have listened to, hates women, and feel more or less that women have no place on this planet. That the world would be a better place without us. Sure, our wombs are needed, even the Nazis agreed to that. The latter also despised women and only saw us as breeding horses. Just the way homosexual men do.

I must say that I am disappointed in Europe, for falling for this cheap trick. Making the competition in to something grotesque. A man with a beard, dressed up in a dress, long hair and acrylic nails, getting to win, when his song was mediocre and there were some really deserving artists out there, looking for a chance. We are unstoppable he said. Who are? The homosexual men taking over the world, heterosexual men starting to feel like they are in a minority? That it is something bad with being heterosexual. Is that what the future is going to be like?

For us religious people, I guess it is not so shocking really. We are all seeing the signs of the book of Revelation. We are living in the last days. Almost everything which the Apostle Johannes wrote, or Yohanan for those who perfer his name in Hebrew, has come to pass or is happening right now. The world is really as upside down as it will be, when the Messiah comes back. And yet, are we prepared for it? Am I the only one dreading for my children’s future? Because what I saw last night, really makes me dread!

Last night’s performance was really an official sign, that the devil is succeeding right now. He is thwarting God’s plan for his children as much as he can. He makes sure that a lot of children will not be born in to families anymore. They will be manufactured in a test tube and spend every other week with two women and every other week with two men, and they will come to think, that this is the normal way of life. And last night, Europe agreed with him full force!

But that is not at all what God intended with the plan he had for his children: “therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his  WIFE, and they shall become one flesh”. (Genesis 2:24) God created man and woman to be equals, the woman was created to be the help mate to the man. He did not create another man for Adam to make babies with. The male and the female body look the way they look for one purpose and for one purpose only, so they will be able to fulfil the commandment God gave them already in the Garden of Eden: Go out and multiply and replenish the Earth. Genesis 1:28

You can call me a homophobe if you want to. Fine. I couldn’t care less what you call me,  because I believe in God’s creation, I believe in God’s plan for his children. I believe in families. I believe in woman and man. I believe in children having the right to be born inside a marriage where the parents try their utmost to be righteous and live God’s commandments. And most countries’ laws are based on these commandments, so even if your are not religious, and following your country’s laws, you are still on the right track.

And why has the word homophobe been created in the first place? Homosexuals are then heterophobes and why is THAT not counted as bad as being a homophobe, I might ask? How could Europe sit and watch this program, and agree with this perversion? That man, (I am not even going to dignify him with his stage name because women do not have a beard) was horrified Thursday evening when the female program leader of the Song Contest, sat down beside him. One of THOSE creatures sitting beside him. Sorry, but he was  not that good of an actor. We all saw how much it disgusted him but then I am one of the worlds extra sensitive persons. Perhaps everyone didn’t see it? Why was that okay in everybody’s book? That women disgust him? “We are all equal”, Thomas Neuwirth said. You fooled noone, Thomas, not your looks nor your tears. I am a mother, I know false tears when I see them. Can’t fool a woman!



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