A 16-year-old diva and her beads

Friday 9 May 2014:

At Walpurgis, people who won the quiz and who came in second and third, were allowed to choose from a prize table. All the things where items which the family hosting the event, wanted to get rid of. Our 16-year-old diva of a daughter, came in second with her team and she chose a bucket full of plastic beads and these pattern templates you put the beads on, to make things. You iron on top of the beads, paper in between, when you are content with the look, and you get a little plastic “thing” to display or play with. I totally forgot who came home with the beads and templates. But yesterday, “Gubby” spotted them and wanted to make something. So I sat him down at the little table in the corner of the livingroom and let him sit with that. But the templates where too big and overwhelming, so he gave up. When our diva came home from school, she screamed at who had touched the beads. I told her that I let “Gubby” play with them and she stormed off to her room.

This morning, when I got up to start ironing clothes and sending children off to school, “Boo” was sitting at the breakfast table putting together a bead heart on one of the templates. In the middle of it all, our diva, entered the kitchen, not to load the dishwasher, which she should have done Thursday evening, but to scream at “Boo”, that they were her beads that she had won and she had chosen them for “Gubby”. She grabbed the templates, the bucket of beads and stormed off with them. “Boo” screamed, “Kitty” screamed since he by then had joined us in the kitchen and had also started with a template, even though I told both boys they needed to eat breakfast and that they would have to do the beads in the afternoon, when there was all the time in the world to do so. Now they were insulted and upset. “Gubby” who had stayed asleep, longer than usual,  came out and wondered what had happened of course, and I got so angry with the diva. Wednesday evening, she did not load the dishwasher, but did so Thursday morning, when everything was caked on. The things in the dishwasher was still dirty this morning, so I had to run it all a second cycle and now I had an entire sink full of plates with caked on ravioli sauce, porridge bowls with caked on stuff, from yesterday! She is the only one of the children, who will not do her chores or do them poorly and only after a lot of nagging. And now she could not let all her younger brothers have fun with the beads, but she chose her favourite, which I find hard to accept. It’s mean!

imageSo I decided, that since T. was working home today, that he would have to take an hour off, come with me to fetch the boys at school, and then he could hold with the car in town, on a back street, while I ran to the craft shop and bought beads and templates for the boys. Then the diva can keep her beads all to herself. She will of course not use them, she just wants to hog them and be like a Roman Emperor and only give favours when people have groveled to her! We are not going to play that game!

“Boo” had fun making some things in the afternoon. The templates I boughtimage where small and you soon can complete things. And then from 18:00-21:00, I sat and helped “Gubby” make all sorts of things. I think he is getting the idea now of how one can make them look really pretty instead of just filling the template with scattered colours. This is our day’s production! I helped “Gubby” make the whale since it was tricky. He made the multiple coloured car all by himself and the sun, lorry and car was a joint project. “Boo” is working on the star still and made the heart and face at the bottom.

Saturday 10 May 2014:

I am very surprised over how much all the children love this. “Cookie” has been sitting doing things all morning, and “Gubby” came with me to the village toy shop, to see if we could get a big template, because he want us to make the imagedragon on the bead box. At the shop, I bought a little package that contained a template for mice and beads for at least two mice, since “Kitty” is invited to a classmate’s (girl) Birthday party next Saturday. Good price and if my children love doing these things so much, maybe other children feel the same way? I wonder why I have never thought of this before? For my own children but also as Birthday gifts when going to parties. I always stand scratching my head, not knowing what to give. This is perfect!

They even sell see-through templates so you can put a picture under them, and make the picture you want. “Gubby” really loved this idea! He can make his favourite car, all on his own, without any help what so ever! He has been totally absorbed in making this car now, for over an hour. This I call dedication to one’s hero!image



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  1. I’m glad you liked the post! Another frustrated parent of teenager?
    Not sure what you mean by contact details? You just did contact me. I don’t think it is common for a blogger to post their e-mail address, phone number and such, on their blog, for safety reasons. I want the freedom of expressing what I like without repercussions. Not everyone believe in freedom of speech!

  2. This is a topic that is close to my heart… Thank you! Exactly where are your contact details though?