Beware when buying miniatures for dollhouse: All might not be what it seems like

Now and then, I will update all of you, on my further endeavours towards acquiring and creating a WWII dollhouse. I am in no hurry, it will take as long as it takes. Some sites and articles, advertise where one can buy cheap things in bulk, to quickly be able to furnish one’s dollhouse and then be done with it. I can’t understand why anyone would want to do that, if they are not going to play with it? This is the fun part. All the research behind it and then to, now and then, make a purchase because one stumbles on something one really would like to see in the house. But this can be both fun and upsetting!

I have already learned two lessons, that were not fun to learn at all, on a limited budget!  One is the one all of us learn when we buy things on-line. Everything does not looks as great in reality, as it did on the picture that made us buy the item. If it is not one thing, like the colour not being what it looked like, it is a disappointment in quality, feel or design. In that aspect, it would be so much better to not buy these items on-line, but go to fairs and shops and do all the purchases at such. That way one can fall in love with an item and walk home happily. unfortunately for most of us though, we are far, far away from the shops and the fairs never come even close to us. Make sure the companies that disappoint, have a proper return policy!

The second lesson I have learned so far, is an even more disappointing one. Not all companies are honest with what sizes things are in, that they are selling. I have taken a photo of what I have purchased so far, for the house which I envision, and you will clearly see the problem that I am now facing. If the person selling them, had not been somewhat on the rude side, I would seriously have sent back the wrong proportioned items. But I have met this lady in person, in the past, and I know exactly how rude she is and in the correspondence about my order, she showed that she has not changed over the years.  Now I just sit here and feel ashamed because I am such a coward and don’t want to take up the fight with her. But she can be sooooo nasty. imageI just have to swallow this and never shop from her again!

On her site, she says that some German items can be on the large side and not truly 1:12 scale. What I would have liked, would have been for her to have put the larger items, in the category she already had, for larger items. Why didn’t she? Especially since not ALL her German items are larger than 1:12 scale. I had not intended to buy any items at all for a while, but when I read on her site, that the little blue German metal tea kettle no longer was in production and that she only had a couple of them left, I went ahead and ordered it. I have checked all sorts of sites for tea kettles, and this was the most detailed and cutest one, in my opinion. Even though it turned out to be a screamy baby blue colour and not the muted steel-blue one, imageportrayed on her site.  Since she has such a horrendous shipping fee, for these items that weigh next to nothing, I felt forced to order what else I had on my wish list at her shop. (“Cookie”, is holding a Swedish krona by the miniatures, in order to show how disproportional some of the things are.)

The chamber pot, on the left, was one item I added, since children had those under their beds at the time. Obviously, so oversized, it is not likely to fit under a 1:12 scale bed. I did not even know when ordering, that it came from Germany. I just liked the colours, its simplicity and that it was made of metal. What to do with it now though? But the worse item of all, was of course the scales, which can be seen in the middle. Compared to the WWII bucket, (bought from a British shop, who announced on their site that they no longer will make WWII items) and the watering can (bought on eBay, being a last item as well), it is grotesque in size, isn’t it? Whatever inspired me to buy the over-priced German scales? Well, it is no longer produced either, according to her site, and was one of the very few she had left. I liked the fact that it is in working order. Put a little pressure on the scales on top, and the little arrow moves! But obviously, I can not place these scales in a WWII dollhouse kitchen scale 1:12, as big as it is. I have no idea what to do with it? “Cookie” loves it, so maybe I will just have to swallow my angry feelings and give it to her? To use for what? Look at? All in all, I bought the not-true-to-colour tea kettle, over-sized scales and chamber pot, the scissors which open and the sock mending tool, from the Swedish shop that will never see me as a customer again. From now on, I will completely stay away from German dollhouse items, even if the tea kettle had the right size. (Some of the items might be Bodo Hennig/Nic, but she did not state which company that made them. Just that this company does not stay strictly 1:12 size.) It’s not worth it. The entire purchase has just left a sour, bad taste in my mouth.

I am pleased as punch about my little bucket though. In the Allpress house replica, at the IWM, I want to remember that they had painted the word SAND on theirs, since it was filled with sand to put out incendiary bombs. I might do this as well and actually fill mine with sand as well. In the future I hope to be able to add a stirrup pump and a little water bucket as well, to my bomb disposal “kit”. All houses had those during the Blitz, or were told to have them.

I am also very pleased about my watering can, since I had seen them for 6-10 times as much, as I paid on eBay. It’s in pewter so it is great quality, but I did not want to pay an arm and a leg, for such an item. Now I am trying to make up my mind whether to paint it or keep it all naturel. It could be cute in red or green. Whatever I do, I will for sure not rush in to it. And from now on, I will be very, very careful not to buy from sellers that are nasty, sellers who doesn’t offer a return policy. Nor will I fall for the last item, never to be seen again. I’ve seen things on Etsy, which have been stated as the last ever, and then new items like it has been posted again by the same seller! And if something disappears, something nicer might replace it? Plenty of fish in the sea. And I will reasearch even more than I have so far. This hobby is far too expensive to make mistakes like I have. It’s not nice at all to sit and feel upset about the items you are going to put in to that dream dollhouse of yours.



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  1. Sometimes I feel like I just bring up gloomy things and then it feels important to break things off, with a trivial thing like a dollhouse or crocheting project. Balance in life is important. I never intended my blog to be just a political site or one about ADHD and Autism. One can get too serious!

  2. Yeah it is ridiculous how concerns like this one start looking amazingly trivial compared to the world news. Another page of the cold-war, the actual actual war that erupts, Russia-China gas offer axis… However here we are with our social-media dilemmas, – may we see the world has changed? I’m not declaring what you come up with is unimportant, Iam stating that a certain degree of detachment is healthful. Thanks, Sarah @