Comments on my posts, especially “Beggars”

This is the final time I write a post like this, on the comments I receive from you, my readers. While I find it wonderful that people take the time, to read about my thoughts on different topics, I do get irritated when I open up my dashboard and see that I have 22 useless comments sitting in my spam queue. I say useless, because when I open the spam queue, more often than not, I have to dump all the comments in the trash or as it says, permanently delete them. I KEEP MY BLOG IN ENGLISH FOR A PURPOSE! My native language is Swedish but I have chosen not to keep my blog in Swedish because my friends are not Swedish, nor do they know my language. I have chosen to keep my blog in English, a language most people understand, in order to reach as many people as possible with my thoughts and opinions. That means, that to comment on my blog posts, you really need to write in English. You can not write with chinese letters or other Asian lettering. You can not write in French or any other language that me and my readers do not master!

1) When you write in a language I do not understand, I have no idea what you are saying and I do not know if your language is abusive, if it contains opinions that would be offensive to me or other readers. I am not going to approve a comment which I do not understand! For heaven sake, I could approve of nazi propaganda or anything without knowing it!!!

2) A blog is supposed to be able to be read by a wider audience. When you write your comments in your own language, it has nothing to do with me, nor with my readers. You are trying to reach out to your countrymen via MY BLOG. If you want a discussion in your country, on something that you have read in one of my posts, please start your own blog and discuss what you feel you need to discuss there. Just a recommendation. As it is right now, I permanently delete French and Asian comments daily, and it feels sad that you took the time to write something down, and it never got published for the cyber space to read. So write your comments in the language which the blog is kept in!!!!

imageThank you to all my followers and readers, who do comment on my posts in English, even if it is difficult and not your native language! We ALL appreciate it! After all, a comment to a post, is not so much a comment for the author as it is for other readers of the post! It is supposed to add something, to what the author has said. Either you approve or not.



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