Hypothyroid update

For months I felt tired. Exhausted all the time. Falling asleep in the afternoons, on the sofa. For months I felt swollen. And in December I started to think that I had got Alzheimer’s since words just would not exist anymore. I would stand in the middle of a conversation searching for a common word, in my mind, and for the life of me, not coming up with it. When I went in for my planned blood test, seven weeks ago, I still did not connect any of those symptoms, as something connected with my thyroid. After all, I have been medicating now since September 2012. It took a year, to get up to the right dosage, but then I figured that things were fixed. What my body doesn’t produce, the pills add.

Not so, two days after the test, the doctor phoned me and asked if I wasn’t taking the medicine and then she asked how I was feeling. I did tell her about my fatigue and found out that it was no wonder. My test results showed that I was back on zero. That is, this TSH level is supposed to be 0.4-3.7 and mine was now image11. I got scared and she scolded me for not coming in sooner, checking, since when one gets that tired, something definitely is wrong. Well, if one has one boy with ADHD, one soon to be tested for ADHD and Autism boy and one who is currently being tested for Autism, one does not suspect the thyroid as the culprit for fatigue, but one’s boys wearing oneself out! Medication or no medication! I was to up the dosage three days a week and go back for a new blood test six weeks later. Last Tuesday, I went and then heard nothing.

I am still tired. But did not fully dare to fall asleep during the morning hours, in case the doctor would phone. And I have been prepared to answer during my drives to town. But nothing. All of last year, she sent letters instead of phoning, and I have nervously gone out to the box every day. But no letter either. Finally, I started discussing it with T. Monday, how rude it is when a doctor doesn’t phone. They must understand that one worries? Especially if the news the previous time, were bad. T. phoned the clinic and asked them to please send me my test results. Or do something. Yesterday, finally, I received a phone call from the doctor. She apologized saying that the clinic in the village, is in chaos. No explanation but I guess it is a combination of too many elderly patients, doctors quitting since it’s not a step up the career ladder to work in a village that no politicians want to spend money on, and the clinic’s premises being worn down, worn out. They spoke of building a new clinic a couple of years ago,since the village is growing at a rapid speed with young families and babies. They had found the perfect spot for it too. But the politicians decided on remodelling the town pool instead. New slides, wave machine etc. So noone can hardly afford go swimming anymore, since one has to pay for those “fun” things that one didn’t mean to use anyway. And now flats have been built on the “new clinic’s” land, so when the topic is brought up in the town council, they can just say that the land is gone.

But back to the doctor. She had only phoned those people with life threatening conditions. My TSH level is now down to 3.8. I thought that the perfect level was 3.4 but she said that the optimal is 2.0 so I still have a way to go. Now she added on one more pill a week and I have to come in for a blood test again in six weeks. I know that it might not be considered life threatening but this is important to me, and why should I have to wait over a week for my results? That is also one week when I needed and extra pill of 25 mg! What about secretaries? Can’t they let you know? Type a letter? Send it out? But come to think of it, I haven’t seen any so maybe they have done away with them entirely. At least in villages? Which ever, since I had her on the phone, I finally asked her about me feeling bloated or having gained weight. I told her how my boots were tough to get on, the zipper going up with difficulty, and how I have not been able to wear my wedding ring nor engagement ring, for the last year and a half. She said it’s the thyroid’s fault and that it will get better. When is my question? I hate this having to buy a size bigger trousers, feeling fat, bloated even though I hardly eat a thing. I am sick and tired of it, to tell the truth. And people around me are pleased. It’s like people in church delight in my weight gain! How rude and evil is that? People comment on me wearing a silver ring with a cubic zirconia, like it is their business. At least it is a nice Thomas Sabo ring and not cheap garbage! But not even when I was pregnant, did I have to cease wearing my rings! To be honest, I have lost faith in everything. Of ever feeling rested, of ever feeling skinny again, of ever being able to wear those rings again. When will it get better?



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  1. Go ahead! Can’t see that it really would interest anyone but the ones that know me personally, but if you think someone out there might benefit from the information, please be my guest! I guess it will serve as a warning to people, to go and have themselves checked if the symptoms are telling them that something is wrong. And that Swedish Health Care is nothing what it used to be!

  2. Would you allow me to place this on my twitter?

  3. Even if I had wanted to eat sugar, I could not since both grease, fat and sugar does havoc to my gall system. After I had my gallbladder removed I have not been able to eat sugar annd fat. Nor can I eat fruit like apples and pears, which was a no-no even before I had the gallbladder removed and I have not been able to eat eggs for about 20 years or things with eggs in them. I can not eat fried food, even salmon gives me diorrhea, because of the fat in it. In other words, I live on a VERY, VERY restricted diet. I can hardly eat a thing without becoming ill.

  4. I live in Sweden. We don’t eat like Americans. I don’t eat or drink any of the things mentioned!

  5. Its also important to limit foods and beverages with added sugars such as many desserts, canned fruit packed in syrup, fruit drinks, and sweetened beverages.

  6. Sorry that my blog ate your comment. Technology is not all that it is cut out to be, is it? I am glad you enjoy my blog and I can’t really advice on writing. I have had penfriends since I was about 9 and I have tried to keep a diary off and on since I was 8. I have in other words, always loved to write and I guess my blog is written the way I always have written to penfriends and my diary. Write from your heart, that is all I can say. And do not write for a specific audience or to get readers. If someone reads what you write, great, but it is not something one can count on. I was in on Wikipedia yesterday to see what is written on WordPress and security, hackers etc. Not that it gave a lot of information that I understood but one of the things I read was that millions use WordPress to blog. It is amazing in other words, if anyone finds one’s blog!

  7. Hmm it seems like your blog ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any suggestions for inexperienced blog writers? I’d definitely appreciate it.