Eternal Toyota repairs…

imageSecond day of stomach-flu in the house. And we all dread getting it, avoiding “Gubby” as much as possible. I have been washing my hands so many times I’ve lost count. But truth be told, he has been feeling better today and he has been doing his little run in the hallway a couple of times. Only to sit down exhausted and watch Jim Carrey’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, all of 4 times! And I haven’t seen it from beginning to start a single time yet, even though it was taken out of the DVD box yesterday. I was spared going out today since T. had to stay home and take the car in to be repaired: AGAIN! And this time they had no lending car to give us, so he had to work from home, go fetch the car around 13:00 and then he offered to run off and fetch the boys. I was relieved since my stomach has felt very odd for two days. And I’ve been dizzy. May I not start evacuating like “Gubby” has been doing. At the same time, I almost did when I heard how much the repairs came up to this time.

When I had paid all the bills for February, I sat and stared at our debt, at the two car mechanics. It seems like it is not going down at all. Of course it is, but it still feels heavy since the debt was so grand from the start, us having to pay for it all on credit. Just in the last few months we’ve had to pay for new winter tires, shock absorbers and brake pads. Then our car would not pass inspection without new license plates and new brake pipes (? Never learned car parts in school!). Two weeks ago, on the way home from Church, the fan suddenly died. First I thought one can live without it, but the next day when I had to drive through pouring down rain, I realised exactly how dependent one is of the car fan working! The windows steamed up right away. And me and the three boys had to sit in a freezing cold car with the windows down, in order for me to be able to look out the wind shield. It still managed to steam up. T. as usual did not care till he had to sit in the car the following Sunday, with windows down and Daniel having to sit and wipe the windshield all the way to Church and back. THEN T. rang the mechanics. But noone could fix them for a long time. Today we have got the fan motor replaced and it cost us 2000:- (189 Pounds/€226/$314). Once again our debt is up to 7000:- (661 Pounds/€792/$1099). This car of our’s makes me cry. We are pumping so much money in to it and the sad part is that we will have to continue doing so, since we can’t live without it. The boys have to be fetched in town and “Gubby’s” pre-school is outside the village on a very trafficated road, which means that I would never dare to walk on that highway, let alone bicycle.

What is even worse, is the fact that our two sofas, arm-chair and foot “stool”, all need new coverings. The arm rests on the arm-chair wore thin already a year ago so we have to have them covered with fleece blankets, in order for us not to wear holes on the “skeleton” part itself, on the chair. But now we have a gigantic rip on the stool’s cover and on the seats of the sofas as well. We do not have enough blankets to cover  all of the holes and they are all beyond repair. It never rains does it, but it pours. I haven’t even dared to go in on IKEA’s site to see how much we are looking at. Probably as much as we paid for the furniture! Perhaps we should just throw them all out and just sit on pillows instead, all of us? Certainly would be cheaper and would suit the boys, since they are the cause for the quick wear of the sofa covers, never leaving the seat cushions and back cushions alone. Building “kojor” (indoor huts) with them or spreading them on the floor so they can jump on them. But, they are only young once! One day, they will be grown and out of here, and then I guess I will miss these days with all the mischievousness? When everything in the house was broken down, thanks to their wild play.


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  2. You are most welcome! The only thing I do not like about Toyota, are the Toyota service people! They have skinned us for years but when they refused to repair our car, trying to force us to buy a new one, we were forced to look for other options and the independent garages have saved us a lot of money. Shame my husband did not dare to go for that option much sooner. Not until we were forced to, did he agree to try them out. This experience have taught me to stay away from the official garages. They are just out to pump you on money and they are not even honest. Telling you there are faults with your car when there aren’t. It is so sad that it has to be sooooooo difficult to find honest people!

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