Neo-Nazis had field day in Sweden today!

For years, Swedish media has reported what they want the Swedish people to see. They have created the opinion which we should have about matters. Swedis media have decided to be pro-Islam and support the Palestinian cause. It can dedicate 30 minutes of Palestinian whining done by Palestinian women. But when the Palestinian have sent in missiles in to Israel killing little Jewish children, it get 10 seconds on the news and there is no sympathy in the reporting at all. For years, I have been disgusted by this. Everyone should be allowed their own opinion and get the news presented in an objective way, so they can form that opinion on facts. They have forgot the first rule of all journalism reporting, that it has to be objective.

When you report in that subjective manner, there will always be elements in society that will use the information for their own purposes. For years, I have wondered when they are going to see the fruit of their propaganda, and now they are shocked when they see that nazism exist in our country. They ask where did that come from? Are any of these groups harbouring a Breivik? This autumn we go to the election booths and one party with roots in nazism, The Swedes’ party, is standing in 30 councils around the country. Another party, the Swedish Resistance, has claimed to have been involved in hate crimes in Malmö, this past weekend.  Today the news have been imagefull of the writings that met the pupils of two schools in Stockholm, this morning. One of the school’s site on the net proclaims that it is “a school were everyone is met with tolerance and respect”. The writings did not show any respect for all the jewish children attending the special jewish classes at this particular school, called Vasa Real. They had to see 1930s writings staring in their faces.  (For those of youimage who do not see what it says or understand the meaning: 1488 was the year that the jews were expelled from Spain, which had been the safe country for them to go to when they were not welcome anywhere else. It’s become a nazi symbol. The swastika needs no explanation but the words Judesvin means Jewish swine, which of course is extra offensive since the jewish people do not eat pig! There were other writings as well referring to the jews.)

I am sure this is not the first or the last time we will see things like this on Swedish news. The ghastly thing is that there have been books on the market for years about European neo-nazism and warnings about the movements. Where have Swedish journalists, police and politicians been? I have seen these books and read them. Why haven’t they? It seems like their alarm clocks have just gone off. Too late? They certainly went off too late in Germany, all those years ago.

This evening I sit here and feel concerned. Tomorrow, my son’s class receive four jewish guests from Israel. My son was too shy to volunteer to guide them around the school and the town. But his muslim classmate from Turkey jumped at the opportunity. If I was one of these four’s mother, I would sit and be very worried. For their safety but also for the fact that what was to be a fun experience, might turn out to be a highly offensive one, full of humiliation. The young man in question has made my son’s life a hell because my son is a Christian and has an American father. Everything this young man despises. He has suggested that the entire class go on a study trip to Turkey, and stay in families that he will find for them. I can fully understand that my son refuses to go and will have to write a paper here at home instead. How could I send my son in to a Muslim country with his American citizenship and name, with his Christian faith, in to a family that has been prepared by this boy, to be as hostile as possible? Talk about entering a nest of vipers. And these poor jewish youths will walk in to a similar atmosphere tomorrow! I will be worried sick all day, since I feel so ashamed of the Swedish attitude against Israel and all the jews who live both there and here. This should not be happening in the year 2014. Have we learned nothing from history?


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