“Fastlagsbulle” two days too late

​Two days ago, I wrote about the children’s school Carnival, but it was also the official “Fettisdag” Tuesday, or the day when you are supposed to eat “Semla” in Sweden and “Fastlagsbulle” down here, in the previously Danish-owned provinces. We always do, but this year I passed, since I really wanted the fancier Danish pastry version of the traditional “semla”, which is called “Wienersemla”. If I am going to gain weight, it is going to be through something delicious at least. The others celebrated though. A little too much in my opinion. Certain elements of the family stuffed themselves, with three of them. Alright, when you buy the cardamom buns, whip low-fat cream and put on a thin slice of almond paste, it does not become as filling as the bakery ones. But still, it all made me think of imageKing Adolf Fredrik (1710-1771), who according to tradition died from eating too many “semlor”. Or “hot wall” as it was called back then. Tradition is usually more funny than the truth though, isn’t it? According to Wikipedia, poor Adolf Fredrik, did die after a heavy meal, but it did not only consist of “semlor”, which was eaten as dessert. He had also eaten sauerkraut, meat, turnips, lobster, caviar, kipper, all washed down with champagne and milk. I think most of us would feel ill after such a dinner. I certainly would get cramps and feel nauseous, like he did before he had his stroke. So perhaps he was a gallstone sufferer, on top of everything? But eating 14 “semlor” was totally overdoing it, of course. Which is what he did!

​I have been thinking about “semlor” since Tuesday though. When I had left a happy “Gubby” at pre-school (They were finally going on an excursion to one of imagethe local playgrounds and he has asked every day this term, if they are going that day, because he loves it so much. To have warm cocoa in a thermos and being outside, is pure heaven to him!), I chose to take the long way home, around the entire village, to see if the bakery had one of those special “semlor” and guess what, they did! I had to take a photo of it and then it was time to see how long I could refrain from eating it.

​My little boy had had a wonderful time. So wonderful that he forgot to drink his cocoa. For the first time he had actually played with two other children. The head-teacher said that it was the first time she had really seen him interact with two other children, the way one usually does. Their efforts have finally paid off and I am more and more thinking that his poor language skills are the cause for a lot of his delayed development. Without language you are very handicapped, unless you find another way of communicating. And he has not found another way with children his own age. But it seems like he is slowly, slowly catching up.

​Even so, I am pleased that the council school board has decided to follow our wishes, and let “Gubby” wait a year, to start school. So, he will be at pre-school for another 1 1/2 years. Then he will start zero-class somewhere. I have not decided where, the only thing I know is that he is not going to go to the Catholic school, where his siblings go. We will go and find out what the outcome of the testing is, at BUP, on the 19th March. If they say that he is autistic, then I will phone the school in our neighbour village and ask if I can come and visit. Even if they say he is in the autism spectra, I will do so. No way will I go to a school that will just do a little or nothing, to accommodate for him. I want him to get all the help he needs and the psychologist has told me as much already, that he will need a lot of help and support. If they do not give him a diagnosis, I might consider a Montessori school since they have the most freedom to let their students be who they are and develop on their own terms or out of their own abilities. It’s nice to know though, that I do not have to make any hasty decisions.  The delayed school start date of 2016 means that I will have plenty of time to research and I will need it.



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