Comments and Spam…

Once again I am back to my spam mail. The last two days I have been getting all sorts of weird comments in my spam mail. It says that they are comments in response to this and that post, but they are

1) clearly not intended for me

2) have nothing to do with the posts in question

3) have been more like e-mails to personal friends so…

please, if you do not want your comments permanently deleted by me, please check what you are doing! If you are sending a message to your sister, make sure you are sending it to her, and not posting it as a comment on my blog site. If you belong to a letter-writing club, maybe it is better if your chat-comments are posted on the relevant page/site? Otherwise you might not receive all the pen-friends you thought you might receive! And comments about electricity might have been meant for your local electricity company and not my blog site? I can’t publish such since it has nothing to do with my blog. Comments ought to be about things I have written or questions about it.


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