Thank you Swedish hockey team for the 50% off my photo-book!

imageI can “proudly” say that the Olympics have passed me by and I did not watch a single thing. I had intended to look at the opening ceremonies, but forgot. And for the sports themselves, well I am not really a sport enthusiastic. I like to see figure skating but I don’t really have the patience to sit and look through the competitions and see all the “bad” ones that mess up, fall or just don’t do anything exciting, with the amazing ones who nail all their jumps or moves. The most fun is really the exhibition part when the skaters can do what they want and in a relaxed manner. No pressure to score points or get a set amount of jumps in. But I missed this part as well.

Twitter has been full of British people following the curling. In the past I have actually watched such competitions. But boy is it boring to watch! No, I have spent my time on other TV-channels, all of the Olympics, to not have to watch sports. The good thing with having the broad band. You don’t have to sit down in front of the TV and have no other options than different sports programs. All this said, I am very grateful to “Tre Kronor”, the Swedish hockey team. I will explain why! Last summer, we went to Legoland. “Gubby” still talks about it EVERY day. Every morning at the breakfast table he asks me “Can we go to Legoland today?”. You know what the answer to him is every day. Back in August, I quickly developed all the photos from the trip and meant to scrapbook them quickly as well, so he could sit and at least look in the photo album and remember all the fun that he had. But, I have been so extremely tired and not that many people in our scrapbooking group have been up for having our usual parties where one usually get something done. After a while, I started thinking that maybe I should create one of those photo-books via a photo place on the internet? You get a printed book in your hands and well, let’s say, it would be more fun with that for “Gubby” than wait for ten years, till I feel up to it, when he no longer remembers the trip. BUT the books cost a lot to make. So I have been sitting and waiting and waiting for the best offer. Because I am always sent offer upon offer. Free shipping. 10% off. 25% off. Not good enough though. When it was time for Sweden to play one of the big matches in the Olympics, this photo company that I have used before, sent me an advertisement that said: Depending on how many goals Sweden do, you will get a rebate. 1 goal meant 10% off. I sat there waiting and then a newimage advertisement arrived saying that Sweden had scored 5 goals which meant 50% off the photo-books! Yes, just what I was waiting for. I knew that they would lose the next time, so I did not want to wait and see if the next match against Canada, was going to bring more percentage. Like 70-80% off. No reason to chance it. I am not a gambler.

So, Saturday afternoon I started the photo-book creating. Because the “coupon” ran out yesterday. This is the third time I create a photo-book. The first time, I sat and screamed and “scared” the whole family, for four hours, trying to make the program work. It says that it is soooooo easy, well not easy enough for this computer illiterate person! Daniel sat beside me that time, thinking that it would NEVER become a World War One book for him. That time he had been to France and Belgium with school, looking at the trenches etc. 24 pages of grassy holes, little grass hills, muddy roads. And grave stones of course. The entire book ended up with green, red and black pages. The only colours that matched the photos. But believe it or not, after those initial frustrating four hours, me screaming  and ready to finally disposing of my laptop in the bin, I actually figured out enough to create his book. And he was pleased with the result.

Then for my mum’s Birthday, I created a small book with Legoland and Givskud Zoo photos. I had to re-learn how to do the things because I forget from time to time. When the book arrived, I was not entirely satisfied but “Gubby” and the other boys loved it. So much so, that we did not get the book sent to her, until Christmas. I had chosen a too small size in my opinion. But that one had been on a cheap offer. Well, cheap and cheap. It became very expensive with shipping and then late fee as punishment, for me not having paid for it. They had not sent me a bill. I was supposed to have gone on search for it over the internet, which I did not understand. It’s the new thing here. Either you are sent the bill in an e-mail or you have to go search for it, at this credit firm’s site. I hate it! But they of course rake in tons of money since people don’t understand what they are supposed to do, or they forget looking for it.

So I had 50% off any photo-book till the 23rd February. And I knew how sad the small sizes look. The photos getting soooooo small. I decided to go for the biggest size book, so I for one could get at least four photos in to one page and them not becoming tinier than tiny. And for the reason that then, you do not have to add on too many extra pages, which of course also cost a lot. What have I learned from this third time? Next time I contemplate making a photo book, I will 1) make the book in the program, if it is possible, and save it there till I get an offer. When the offer comes, I push the order button. To work under this sort of stress is awful! I sat and screamed, ripped my hair and 23:00, Saturday evening, the entire program crashed. It broke my heart and I cried my eyes out. I had not saved for a long time and the children who were still awake, fled the sitting room. Luckily T. managed to rescue the book somehow but some things were gone. 2) I will write down the exact % used of each colour to make a new colour. I had to create a lot of new colours to make the Givskud Zoo pages since the program only offers a few colours and they did not match my photos. They have no brown for example! To make pages with camels and giraffes and not have the colour brown available!!!! Unheard of. I had to create a mint green, a khaki colour, diarrhea brown, aqua, jeans blue, a blue that matched my boys’ shirts at Legoland and dark red. When the program crashed, there went my created colours that I needed for the rest of the book. So definitely, write down the % of red used, % of green and % of blue. 3) My skills are limited when it comes to the program. It would have been nice with a manual but since they don’t have that, nor pages that show what one CAN do, what is available, then most people miss out on how to make a really, really nice book! If I had had plenty of time, I would have gone in on every single tab, tried every single function just to see what is open to me. After all, when you choose to do this book instead of scrapbooking it by hand, and you pay an arm and a leg for it, you ought to be able to get it JUST as you want it. When I was doing the next to last page, I discovered when I accidentally pushed one part of the photo, I got in to a crop page and if I told the cropping feature that I did not want to keep the dimensions, then I could have cut photos in ovals and all sorts of shapes! It’s not fun to find that out on page 31!

I sat till 23:00 Saturday, trying to get the book finished. By then, after 8 hours, I had only done Givskud Zoo and the first 13 pages. And I was SO tired. I did not want to go to bed, but just had to. T. did not dare to shut down the computer so we left it on over night on stand-by, so I would not lose anything. I went to church and as soon as I got home at 15:30, I started again. It imagetook me all evening. At 22:30, I finally got the book ordered. But I was sad. I had missed “WPC 56 Dawson”, which is a new series I really enjoy, about a young woman who starts working as a police woman in 1956, in a very male chauvinistic atmosphere. I could only pay attention to the TV 5% while creating the photo book. So I missed most of what was going on. And even worse. Then I got to watch “Foyle’s War” in the same manner, and I who just love and adore that series! On top of that, it was an episode which I have never seen before. Time to invest in season 5’s DVD? I have no idea how I have imagemissed “Casualties of War” before, when it was broadcast on channel 1? We missed all of season 6, since they never showed it, but skipped directly to season 7.  So that is also something that I would like to invest in or wish for. Oh, what an “industrialized country’s problem” this is! Just realized that if I stay up till midnight next Saturday, they show the re-run of the “Foyle’s War”! It’s on till 02:00 and I will be sleepier than sleepy in Church, when I am supposed to teach the children about Abraham, but who cares? It’s worth getting bags under my eyes for. And as long as I can stay awake for the 40 minutes I teach, I’ll be fine right??


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