Gun Laws

imageI’m afraid that I have always been a very opinionated person. I’m not lukewarm about a whole lot of things, but have thoughts and feelings about most things. Perhaps it is because I am a stay-at-home-mum and have lots of time to think. Who knows? So, what I am about to say, will upset all the Americans that follow my blog, but when you say that all people should be allowed to own a gun and protect themselves, will you please just stop and think for a moment.

This is they year of 2014. Yes, outside the coast of Somalia, PIRATES roam. Yes, there is a conflict in many countries like Syria, where one has to defend oneself from being killed, because there is a civil war going on. But I think we can all agree, that while there are criminals, and criminals have always existed in all societies, at all points,  most societies in at least the Western world, has an organized society. We are not trying to settle the unruly West anymore, with Native Americans that might feel like scalping the whites. We are not trying to settle the Wild West, where the gun fighters pull a gun at nothing, and where horse thieves and cattle thieves roam around. We are not in the middle of trying to get independence from a mother nation.

Instead we have a civilized society where we eat with knives and forks, we do not blow our noses in the table-cloth, we do not wipe our back sides with our left hand after doing our business at the dung heap. We have diplomats that try to solve conflicts before they escalate in to war. We have the UN that try to send in troops from membership nations, to keep peace in unruly areas. On the local level, we have local laws, that are there to protect us, to guide us and rule us, in our daily life and association with our fellow human beings. WHEN a country lets their civilians own guns, the country sends out the signal to the population that it’s up to everyone to take the law in to their own hands. That they are back in the Wild West, every person for themselves. There is no law to uphold order.

What brought this post on? I have just read a comment that I had not been notified of having received. I want to try to give MY opinion and the rest of the world’s, regarding the US and its gun laws. Why is it, that it is only YOUR country that needs a law like this? That all of us, the rest of the world, live our daily lives, without a gun in our handbag or in our glove compartment or in our bed-stand. Are our people so very different? I don’t think so! But there is one difference. Yes, there is. We don’t feel that we have the right to take another human being’s life, no matter what that person does to us. Yes, all countries will have their rotten eggs. All countries have criminals that live a life outside the law and run their own show, liquidating their own, in gang wars or gang revenges. But their world, rarely collides with the every day little person’s. And the police are trying to keep them in check wherever they are, whether we talk about Russia, Italy, Sweden…

The thing is, that if you don’t have a gun, you can’t kill someone with it and the thought will never enter your brain. But if you own it, you are always one step closer to using it, than others. Noone knows how they will act in a stressful situation. Look at soldiers. Some will freeze and do nothing, have a mental break down. Some will go berserker and will become “the company killers”. The ones that can not be controlled eventually. When you haven’t been in danger, you don’t know how you will act. Noone does. But when it happens to a gun owner, you will become a Neanderthal, a person without rational thought. Survival will be the only thing on your brain, even if there might not be a “real” threat. It will be easier to shoot than to think of options. The gun owner  pulls a trigger on a person that is banging the door at an unchristly hour, because she thinks the person has come to kill her, when he is just begging for help. The gun owner pulls a trigger on a person sent to cash in a debt, and we are not talking about a loan shark business, but the person coming from the bank! The gun owner pulls the trigger on a shady person sneaking up the drive way, in to the garage. A life for a child’s bicycle?! The gun owner pulls the trigger because he sees someone skulking about his car.  I can go on and on. All these happenings have happened in the United States of America. In Texas these cases haven’t even gone to trial. Positively Medieval!

Needing a gun, so noone can steal my handbag, so that noone can rape me, so noone can rob me? When you own a gun, you are ready to use it. That is a premeditated crime! You plan to act, IF…  1+1=2, but rape will never ever equal murder or manslaughter. Theft/Robbery will never ever equal murder or manslaughter. Carrying a gun is premeditated murder! You carry it to kill!

By saying I need a gun to protect myself, you are saying that your country is not worth living in, that it is a dangerous country full of criminals, that the law does not work, that the police is busy playing cards and drinking coffee and clearly not doing their job. You are saying that no US soldiers ought to be shipped off overseas to protect other countries, because the only country needing protection is your OWN against YOURSELVES. That is scary! THAT IS VERY SCARY!



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