Nazi women who got away with nazi- and war crimes

14 June 2013 (did not get it edited until now!)

Today Daniel went off to his school year ending ceremony and came back disappointed. His teachers had bought cakes for the first year students. Lots were left over and they brought it in for the second year students, to feast on. Daniel, being well brought up, stood and waited his turn, while the other vultures threw themselves over the cakes. Our neighbour took a gigantic piece. I can’t abide that besser wisser boy who has gained popularity in the class by talking bad about our church and Daniel. He is a boot licker so he is the teachers’ pet, and he won scholarship in History again this year. He is a lazy bum that just plays computer games and turns in his homework late, and yet, they praise him, give him scholarships and give him high marks. And now, his one parent who work for the council in Lund, has seen to that he has got a job with grounds crew, even though the few jobs available are supposed to be handed out after a lottery of all names! Daniel once again did not get a summer job anywhere. Second year in a row that he doesn’t get one, and no way in other words, to earn money for his mission! Daniel feels that life is unfair, and at this point, I can’t disagree with him, even if I try to keep his spirits up. By the time he got up to the cake plates, there was nothing left! I don’t understand how people can be so rude and selfish. Well, I can in that group but still, it does not make me the happier.

I thought I would go for a drive today, to Burlöv, and buy “Gone with the Wind” and a whole bunch of dry highlighters for this summer’s studies of World War Two. Not so! Not only were they sold out of the highlighters, but I have to special order them and it takes a month for them to arrive. I also have to order a whole box which contains 12 of them!!!! And the book? Sold out and out of print. I guess a sister shop of their’s have it, so it will be sent down here, but it meant, no trip for me today. (Good thing I phoned ahead.) Perhaps the best after all, since it has rained all day, just like yesterday. One can tell summer holiday has started: Bad weather and bored children. The boys and I have been sitting watching “Tintin” in cartoon form on DVD. And when I say boys, I include Daniel. He is supposed to write on his home exam for the University course in Antisemitism, that they allowed them to take this year. The students have one question they have to form themselves and then answer. I don’t think he realizes how long it will take, but I hate to nag. His question is “Has the stereotype of Jews changed over time” and it is going to take a lot of work to get 7-8 pages together in just one week. It’s due on the 20th. I am getting ready to check his grammar of course, but so far there is nothing to check yet!

So, when I did not want to watch anymore Tintin, I continued the biographies on Nazi Women. One woman worse than the next!


I actually finished the second volume today and has already started the final one. Interesting read these books. None of them fulfilled the nazi ideology on women. They all loved clothes, make-up, riches. They all loved the lime-light. The only one that came the closest to being what a nazi woman really should be like, was actually Eva Braun. Because she was quiet and stayed in the background like she was supposed to. She remained uninterested in politics which was also a plus. The others worshipped the Führer but did not swallow the party line, that women should stay at home, barefoot and pregnant. They said that they loved the nazi ideology and hated Weimar ideas, even though it was Weimar that gave them their freedom, their chance to independence and free thought, ideas which they subsequently adhered to in the nazi era! Very odd! They chose to be blind to the obvious. Another thing that one notices in these books was the Führer’s love of young girls. Maybe not a pedophile but he was always attracted the most to 17-18-year-old girls! And it seems like he was the most comfortable with women, since they saw no fault with him, worshipped at his feet, treated him like a God. I guess it is not the male thing to do this sort of worship? And I guess he knew that men would dispose of him, if they did not agree with him?

Being a nazi really meant worshipping Hitler like a Messiah. He did proclaim himself to be just that. When I read these books, I came to think about something I learned when studying Judaism at the University. We learned that Jewish men are ordered to go to synagogue, study, pray and everything else, because men have a difficult time with obeying and religion. We were told that Jewish women are not ordered to do anything, because they are already saved. They already believe, they already obey, they already serve. By nature women are religious. (According to Judaism that is.) Creepy when one reads about the women in nazi Germany and how they believed in and worshipped the Führer. They were never ordered to do so. They never had to swear an oath to stay loyal and true. Gives you food for thought! It was the women that gave Hitler the power! When all was over, they also were made to pay. They had lost their sons, many of them, and they were raped by the Russians. And their leader, he didn’t want to be there for them in their time of need. They were easy expendable. Worth nothing to him. One of his final orders, which one can read about in “Woman in Berlin”, was for all women to stay in Berlin with babies and children, perfectly well knowing that the babies were all going to die without the necessary milk and the women getting raped as soon as the Russians entered the city. What a reward they received for having been his most faithful followers!

The first woman “dealt” with was Swedish Carin Göring, who left her husband and Sweden, for Hermann! Raised in an aristocratic family, married to an aristocrat and then to the once handsome pilot and narcotics addict Göring, she was a most unpleasant woman, anti-Semite, living in a dream world and being of an unhealthy constitution. She died already 1931 and managed to get buried five times, people not letting her stay in her grave that Göring first had created for her.

The second woman, was Göring’s second wife Emmy, a much untalented actress. She saw to pumping Nazi funds straight in to her pockets in order to live the luxury life she treasured. She and Göring lived the life of potentates during the 1700s. No money spared. After the war, when Germany was supposedly getting cleansed of nazis with the de-nazification process, she of course like all the other women in these three books, got away. She fought hard to keep all the “treasures” that had been “given” to her and her husband throughout the nazi period. She later wrote a book about her innocent husband, the perfect man.

As if the women above where not ghastly enough, the next one described was Magda Goebbels. Hardly anything needs to be said about this monster. She was joined by Leni Riefenstahl, Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, Eva Braun, Geli Raubal, Hitler’s  young niece who was not allowed to live the life she wanted thanks to a jealous uncle and finally Henriette von Schirach, who got off during the de-nazification, even though she had been trained since childhood by Hitler himself and went on a mission after the war, to clear his name. In other words, the so-called de-nazification was just a joke.

One of the most disgusting women in the three books, was Gerda Bormann in book II. Bormann was a nobody, it was said at the wedding, who married in to a proper nazi family just to further his career. Their firstborn arrived 7 months after the wedding, which furthered the rumours about him seducing her to get to where he wanted to in the party hierarchy. She was not allowed to see her parents anymore, Martin Bormann probably abused her just like he did his children, and they were indeed the most hated couple since they were over zealous. She had no problems with her husband seducing women in front of her very eyes, she actually had her own plan for how to get more children born in the Third Reich. She wanted her husband to see to that there was always one woman around him pregnant with his child, one that was not who could accompany him to Obersalzberg and Berlin, and that all children should be raised under the same roof, so that there was always a woman available for him. She wanted the word adultery abolished from the vocabulary and thought soldiers ought the get more leave in order to make more babies. She had ten herself. She died of uterine cancer 1946. Who knows what sort of diseases her husband gave her, after all his affairs. And to think that she encouraged it all?!

Book II also covers Heydrich’s wife Lina, Unity Mitford (a complete nutter), Hanna Reitsch the pilot, Winifred Wagner and a most creepy woman called Karoline Rascher. This woman met her future husband at age 43, but since he was 27, she lied and said she was 33. Rascher was a doctor and she made him join the nazi party. He went to work for Himmler, who did not look kindly at the doctor’s “old” mistress, since there would not be any children. Karoline was afraid that her lover would leave her to further his career so she saw to faking a pregnancy and a birth in Prague, bribing a midwife and having her cousin bring her a newborn. When the unmarried mother of the child, wanted him back, since she was getting married, the cousin brought a boy who looked a lot like the boy Peter. Soon she added another boy, claiming that her cousin had been present at the birth and cut the umbilical cord. That boy’s mother was a seamstress looking for good foster parents. Rascher was a busy man and suspected nothing at first and Himmler allowed the couple to marry, since they had produced two healthy sons so far. Rascher went on with ghastly experiments in concentration camps, while his wife decided it was time to be pregnant again and brought home an 8 week old soon after “birth”. The doctor now became suspicious since he thought this not newborn-looking baby odd and that his children seemed to change looks. When the fourth child had been brought to the home, the cousin felt so guilty that she wanted out and committed suicide. Karoline continued trading children, because the way she was pulling all this off was turning to single mothers offering them a foster home OR stealing children. She did not always return the right child to the right mother and she always traded ugly-looking children for pretty ones. In 1944 justice caught up with her and it seems like the nazi system did not quite approve of her methods of having children, so both she and her husband were put in concentration camps where they were killed. Some justice at least but since DNA was not yet discovered, many mothers did not get to raise their own children. There was no real way of determining who was who.

Part III starts with Maria Reiter, the young girl from Berchtesgaden, who drew the interest of 37-year-old Hitler to her only 16-year-old body in 1926. Not everyone liked the romance and in 1927 Hitler got charged with sex with a minor, risking six years in prison. Not something he wanted to face in 1927. He quickly cut contact with the girl and surprised her family, who had counted on him as a son/brother-in-law. 1930 she married an austrian but the marriage failed. Hitler offered her a relationship without marriage but since she wanted children, she said no. She did not want to live in the background like the girl he moved on to, that was almost an identical copy to Maria. She went on to marry two other men, but was never truly happy with anyone but the man she could not have.

Ilse Hess, whose husband did seem more in love with Hitler than her, is another woman mentioned that of course got off as not having committed any crime in nazi Germany. As did Annelies von Ribbentrop and the film maker Thea von Harbou. Swedish actress Zarah Leander, got as much out of Nazi Germany as she could before abandoning the country to its fate.

The only woman who really had to answer to her crimes and was condemned for them was sister Pia or Eleonore Baur who was sentenced in 1949 to ten years in prison but did not have to sit in prison after all and could file for a war pension and live out her life in a house built by concentration camp prisoners. 1902 she was convicted for prostitution and was deemed having “lack of self-control and an exaggerated sex drive. ” She went to Egypt in 1906 where she pretended to be a nurse and returned working as such without any training. She fought in the street fights in 1919, treating wounded and became the 11th member in the nazi party. She took part in all fights and in 1934 she received medals for it and was allowed a wish, that wish became “taking care of” Dachau prisoners. She was considered the “best SS-man”. The camp became her shop where she fetched food meant for the prisoners, had them make her luxury items and supply her with fabric. Prisoners caught stealing for her were beaten half to death. She loved watching Dr. Rascher’s (Karoline’s husband mentioned above) experiments and when he suggested anaesthesia for the prisoners immersed in freezing cold water, she protested. She suggested that the prostitutes, used for warming up these prisoners frozen bodies, should have sex with them and she loved watching this and another doctor’s experiments, with malaria mosquitoes put on Russian prisoner’s sex organs. The SS said that “there is only one Frederick the Great, one Führer and one sister Pia”.  And why exactly did this woman not have to spend the rest of her life in prison? What I discovered reading these books is that there was no justice at all. The de-nazification was a total sham and the female war criminals did not get to suffer one bit for what they had done. This last woman, that was a true monster in the real sense, was never forgot by her party comrades and they paid tribute to her as late as on her 90th Birthday in a well-known newspaper and her tombstone, was adorned with the text “A life for Germany”. No doubt the neo-nazis went there to pay tribute because its been removed and she has been moved to a secret spot. Can’t say that this counts as justice though.

For six years World War Two was fought, for six years right was trying to put an end to evil, and yet when that day came, when victory was finally achieved, then the majority who had committed war crimes and nazi crimes, were allowed to go on with life as usual. They were in my opinion, given the sign of approval, since the Allies told them, that what they had done was not wrong. You punish wrong, you don’t turn a blind eye to it or forgive deeds which have caused millions to die!


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