Happy hearts day!

imageI really do not care that much for Valentine’s day. For weeks now, the price of roses at the local florist’s, have been going up. A week ago, they were up to twice the price of what they normally cost. Talk about abusing people’s bad conscience. Because the shops tell us that we must do something for the people we love. This clothing shop has just launched their new underwear line called “shades of grey” and they sent out e-mails telling men to give this to the women in their life. Haven’t read the books. Not even tempted. Nor would I appreciate if my husband came home with a bra that in all likelihood would not fit me, since I always have to try everything like that on for size.What I did appreciate the most on this day was what “Gubby” made for me at pre-school yesterday! (He had to go to BUP today again so he missed all day at pre-school and things they made today. More on that in another post.) He had made it all by himself! The pre-school trying to point out everything he CAN do and not the things he can not do.

Yesterday I had my nails done and the woman who does them, told me that she doesn’t care for this day either. Is it love to show it only once a year, when the shops tell you to? She said that her husband doesn’t do anything on the 14th. But he surprises her at other times. Like when she one day, unspecified month, came home and told him that she had looked at one of those coloured plastic watches that are so popular right now, but had found it too expensive. She was going to wait for a sale to occur instead. Two weeks later, her husband came home with a little present: It was the watch. Why, she said? Because I love you, was his answer. Isn’t that the greatest? And she had not even thought that he had listened to her, because he had had “THAT” face. Or like the other woman who sometimes does my nails, who told me at the end of November, that she had come home and her husband had acted weird or out of character. He had taken her handbag, her coat and lead her to the bedroom. There, on the bed, he had placed out towels, dressing gown, all sorts of things and they all were in her favourite colour and had her named embroidered on each and every thing. It was not something she had wished for. Not something she had ever talked about. But he had seen an advertisement for it and had just decided to go all out on this and he was so excited about their arrival, that he could not wait a month and give them to her for Christmas. He just had to see her face right then and there. So sweet!

All this said, I had to do what was expected of me today! Not because a shop toldimage me to do so, but because it’s become a tradition with my children. Buying the Valentine’s pastry sold just on this day, for them. We don’t eat cakes, cookies and pastry except on Birthdays and for Christmas really, so the children get very excited about the chance to eat something sweet. And the schools encourage all this card making and celebration of the day,  so the pastry has to be pink and have hearts on it, to suffice. The bakery really outdid themselves this year with these little raspberry treats. They looked more like hearts though when they got on to the individual plates, than they do on this photo!


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