WordPress deemed your comment as Spam?

imageI am quite bewildered at my own blog. Or should I say what WordPress is doing with my blog? Twice now, I have been exploring my own blog and all the things on the dashboard, and twice I have found that I have all this spam. When I’ve gone in to look at the spam, which I have done twice, I to my horror, have discovered that 99% of the so-called spam, are legitimate comments to my posts. I do not know how to solve the problem since I am not really that great with computers. To all of you, who are among the thousands that have sent me comments to approve, and who have never found your comments again on my blog, I want to sincerely apologise. It is not my doing. I never saw them. And WordPress takes them away after a short time.  There is nothing that signals that I’ve received spam, unfortunately, so I guess in the future, I must get better checking my dashboard! I hate for people to take the time to read my posts, comment on them and not get feedback! And for me, the comments are valuable, since it means that I’m not alone out there, my venting is not one-sided.



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