School will do what is best for the school, not for the children

I am still recovering from everything that happened Friday. According to my plans, only one nasty thing was supposed to occur and that was the student welfare conference at the headmaster’s office at 13:00. After I had dropped “Gubby” at pre-school, I drove home and laid down to sleep till 11:40. Well, that was the plan anyway. But then my mobile phone rang at about 11:00, and I answered somewhat groggy and irritated since T. knows that I have to sleep those hours in order to cope with the rest of the day. (The family is the only one that has my number, I thought!) It’s been like that since before I started to medicate for Hypothyroid and for most of the autumn.

It was my doctor, from the health clinic. She asked me in a strange voice “Can I ask you if you are taking your medicine?”. – Yes, every day, one hour before I eat, so the food will not affect the medicine! “How are you feeling?”. – I am very, very tired. I was actually asleep when you phoned just now. “No wonder you are tired. Your levels have been so good, down on 3. (They are supposed to be between 1,2 – 3,4.) But now they are up on 11 again! Has something happened?”. – I had a bad cold all of November and December that was really bad. For two months I couldn’t hear on my left ear, then I got a bad ear ache, very sore throat so I thought it was strep, horrible cough. I finally had to go to the emergency room for it all. “That could be part of it. But every time you feel tired, you must go in for a blood test!” – But I thought I had just gone to bed too late… “Yes, we are always good at coming up with excuses for our bodies not working the way they should!” I did not tell her, that I have noticed the incredible fatigue for a while, but thought the medicine was fool-proof. Nor did I tell her that I have felt incredibly cold, no clothing keeping me warm. Another sign that something is wrong with the thyroid. And finally that I have been forgetting words. So three signs that said something was wrong but I was on medicine so it did not make any sense to me. Now I have been told to up the medicine to three 25 mg pills three times a week, two the other days, as usual, and then I have to go in for a new blood test in six weeks. She could not up the dose to three pills per day since that would be too much shock to the system and I could get a heart attack.

Let’s say, I was in shock the rest of the day. Then I headed with “Gubby” to the school, where I met T. “Kitty” was sitting crying in the vestibule instead of being in his classroom. The other boys in the class had said that they all had received letters from A. (former class mate, former best friend of “Kitty’s”, who is living on S:t Helena for a year) where he had written about his return to Sweden this summer. According to them, he no longer will be friends with “Kitty”, so my son is shattered. We had to leave him and go to the meeting. I think it helped talking to his dad, venting. He had gone to wood shop while we sat down, totally unprepared for the meeting. I just gave up on trying to prepare. My exhaustion was so complete last week, that I barely could stay awake during the days. There was no mention of medicine but I did find out that “Kitty’s” teacher is taking early retirement after this term. But since the class was going to receive a new teacher for middle school anyway, it doesn’t affect them. The outcome of the meeting was that “Kitty” will continue going to the special ed teacher two days a week for extras. When he is tired of things, he can go in to the after-school daycare facilities where there will be a desk, where he can sit and do what he wants. He so much wanted his own desk, in the classroom, but his teacher is against school desks of the old style, where you can keep your books, pens etc. She only wants tables in her classroom. So this is the headmaster’s solution. “Kitty” can have one standing in another room, but since it is used by school-age daycare, after school, he can’t keep anything personal in it. In other words, it’s not at all what “Kitty” wanted. But now he has an escape place to go to. The teacher and psychologist are totally against the time log so he will not receive one of those. Nor will the teacher adapt his schedule to his handicap! He has to do what the other children do.  She writes up the lessons on the whiteboard and he has to look there and not have a schedule with pictures on the desk, like the occupational therapist suggests for ADHD children. He has to learn the clock and see how long he must work on something. In other words, he is supposed to function like normal children.

At 14:00, “Boo” ran in through the door so it was pointless trying to say anything more. Soon we had “Kitty” there and they both lured off “Gubby”, so I had to leave and check what they were all up to. Meeting concluded in other words. T. went out to babysit the car, since you now get ticketed for nothing outside the school. The council has discovered an easy way to get money. Ticket all parents that go and fetch their children from school in the S:t Lars’ park. I walked by “Boo’s” classroom where they had been making frames for things and covering them with plaster. “Boo” had made a turtle with his assistant and now his teacher was finishing something for another child. I went in and apologised for not showing my face in the classroom this term and explained how people now get tickets if they leave their cars, outside the school, to fetch their children indoors. We stood and talked about “Boo’s” progress, how his homework should be done since he can’t read! And then she tells me horrible news. His regular teacher has announced that she is coming back from maternity leave early! Everyone is in shock. And for “Boo’s” sake, his teacher is worried and the headmaster is worried. His regular teacher hates him, doesn’t accept children that act out i.e. him, and well this is as bad as it can get. He will keep his assistant till summer. But all the stability in the classroom will be gone! The class has become very calm lately. The children accept “Boo” the way he is, finally. They don’t tease him so he doesn’t explode. All this is going to be gone. I am sorry, but I dislike that teacher so much. I have never, during my entire life, met such a judgemental, negative,SOUR lemon of a person! She is not suited to be a teacher of small children at all. She applied for the job, knowing she was pregnant and announced her maternity leave coming up, only one month in to the term. How cold and callous is that? Starting out with a zero-class which had serious problems with adjusting to the new environment, knowing full well that small children need continued stability. Talk about dishonest person that only care about herself. obviously her job is not a calling for her but just a way to make money and she doesn’t care one bit for her students. That’s why she has jumped from one school to the next since graduating, never being content anywhere. “Boo’s” teacher will stay at the school this term, but as what, we do not know. This was the worse thing that could happen to “Boo”. She said to me Friday, that she would have suggested him re-doing first grade, because he is so behind, which would of course give him another teacher. BUT the parents of the zero-class children this year, are really hopeless according to her. They get in a state if another child so much as touches their children. They over-react when it comes to everything which means that “Boo” could not attend that class. A child with his dysfunction would not be welcome.

I did not feel happy when I left the school, at all. We drove home at 15:00 and I stopped at the library, to return two books. “Boo” ran in beside me since he needed to pee. But soon the other two came running in for the lavatory as well and instead of heading back to the car, they all ran in to the library. I could not persuade them to leave since the library has been renovated. The children’s section has been made funnier. So they found lots of things to play with. The older boys played shop in the little castle, selling ice cream and tea. “Gubby” was first playing with all the new book stands, owls, that are like heavy bean bags. Then he discovered a funny body puzzle that had different layers, like skeleton, internal organs, muscles, outer body and then clothes. He sat and did the puzzle over and over again. Finally T. came in and wondered what we were up to. He started discussing e-books and if one can borrow English e-books from foreign libraries… We stayed at the library for 2 HOURS! Amazing feat when one considers how tiny the village library is.

imageI had decided to stop eating candy all together during 2014 since it gives me head aches or even worse, migraines. But after Friday’s events, when T. headed for the supermarket and asked me if there was anything I wanted from there, my answer was: CANDY! Pacifiers like pictured. They are my latest craving when I want candy. It will soon pass. I have favourites for only a short time and then they do not taste good anymore. I really do need to get a grip on myself and stop the sugar intake. Head aches/ migraines are so crippling and the last thing I need is a weakened immune system which is what sugar does to you! But when you are depressed, there is nothing better is there?


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