Clarisonic Mia 2

imageBefore I write a single word about this machine, I must say that I will not earn a penny from saying good things about it. As a matter of fact, I knew very little about it, when I walked in to a local make up shop and asked if they would tell me more about it and how it works. I have a bonus card with them, but hardly every buy things in there. But with the bonus card, comes a magazine which tells you about all the news that exist out there. And according to that, all Americans are besotted with this machine. I have no idea if it is true, but I am besotted with mine. Because I ended up buying one, even though it cost a fortune and they did not have it in pink which I would have loved.

Why did I buy it? For years, I cleaned my face with strong cleansers made by  Clearasil and the likes. Do I have acne? No! But they where the only ones that made my skin feels clean, after I washed it. The problem with using these sort of cleansers, if you do not have acne or greasy skin, is that once your face has dried, it is DRY! You feel like your skin is one size too small. Now and then I would go over to something more appropriate for my skin, like a cleanser for dry skin or sensitive skin. But it felt like having an oily film on top of my skin. And I would get spots in my face! That is why this machine is so amazing. I wet down my face, put my sensitive skin cleanser all over it, and then start-up the machine. Instead of just cleaning off the surface of the skin, the machine makes the cleanser deep clean. Like all the advertisements claim that cleansers do. But which they do not.

For the first time, my cleanser for dry skin or sensitive skin, leaves me feeling clean! And I no longer get spots from the cleanser not deep cleaning. No more need for extra strong cleansers that smell so strongly of alcohol that you almost faint. After I have cleaned me face, I do feel a little bit dry but that is when I put on my face creams. And I really do believe in what the sales person said in the shop, that when you really have opened up the pores with this machine, then the face creams can do what they promise. Moisturize.  Erase lines, if that is what you want. Erase wrinkles…

It was a big investment, yes, and I bought the sensitive head for it, just in case. But it really does what it promises to do and how often does a machine do this? I thought it was worth the money since my other products now work the way they were intended. My frustration is gone.

Is it easy to use? Well, you only have two minutes to use it. I use mine in the shower, and it takes a while to figure out at what speed you need to move it, not to miss a spot, because it turns itself off after the two minutes! You are supposed to start on your forehead. It’s programmed to make a little humming sound when you are supposed to move it on to the nose and chin. Do not get stuck on the nose too long because then you might miss the chin! The sound goes off and on to a cheek, and after the next sound, you do the final cheek and it turns off. It seems like the time is longer for the forehead and nose-chin sections, because it’s tricky to do the big cheeks in the amount alloted to them. If you decide to go all the way out to the jaw line, that is.

The only negative things with the machine are that you don’t really get any forewarning, as far as I can tell, when it needs re-charging, so my machine just didn’t work one morning. Which was frustrating. The other thing is that if it is totally uncharged, it takes 24 hours to charge it up again. I think the box said that it stays charged for ten days but who stand and remember when you charged it last time? I have resorted to charging it whenever I remember or when I think I am nearing ten days. If one has the space and no children unplugging it or playing with it, one could have it re-charging every day, I’m sure.

Just like an electrical tooth-brush, you have to change heads on it. In other words, do not do what my mother did, after buying an electrical tooth-brush: Thinking that it was a one-off. You buy one head and then never again. It took us a lot of discussion, to make her understand that when the colour comes half way down the bristles it is time to change, when the bristles are pointing in all directions like a mad brush, it is time to change. I have not owned my machine for three months, so I have no idea what the visible signs are, if any, when it is time to change the head. But the box says 3 months.

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