Pupil Welfare Conference

I just had to give this post the title pupil welfare conference which is what google translate gave me when I punched in the word “elevvårdskonferens”. Sounds like another weird google translation but in a way, that is what we are going to on Friday, for “Kitty”. Too much is happening in school with him and as usual I just get bad reports, but my wishes are overlooked. I doubt anything good will come out of Friday’s meeting with the headmaster, teacher, special ed teacher and school psychologist. Just from that list, I can tell that they are going to try to railroad me.

In a way, I started this though by drawing attention to the fact that the teacher does not want to follow the recommendations of the occupational therapist, that visited the school to look at “Kitty’s” school situation. He phoned me a couple of weeks ago, to ask how the help tools are working out for “Kitty”. He wanted to know how we use them. And I of course asked him if he had visited the school yet. He said that he had and that he had looked and pointed out some problem areas. The special ed teacher was interested in learning new things. She was interested in the “timstock” that you set to show him how long he has to work on something or how long he can take a break, or whatever else you want timed. But the decision does not lay with her, but the headmaster, who has to pay for such a tool. The occupational therapist was less impressed with the teacher’s attitude though. When he came with suggestions like “Kitty” needing more breaks in order to stop him from just walking off to the loo and staying there forever or going there too frequently, she just said “I’m quitting so…”. She gave him the impression that she was not going to be the teacher anymore so why tell her anything? This got me angry, since there are ways to make him behave better, there are ways to make him work, but she doesn’t want to try them out. And what about this quitting business. We parents have not been told about her quitting. So she must mean that she will not have the class after June, since she only teaches grades zero-three.

I did the only thing I could think of: I wrote the headmaster and asked if she is quitting and if not, why did she say so to the occupational therapist? Even if she is quitting in June or retiring or whatever, one works till one quits. One can’t just go to work and be physically there and not mentally! Say that she meant that she only has them till June. That is 5 months that the situation could be improved. And “Kitty” will continue at the school. What is started now, will of course continue in the next grade, if it works! You can’t just put things off till August! Especially when the special ed teacher is totally up for trying things out.

I need to make some preparations for Friday but what? Read the article T. showed me, about the doctors that told people to medicate ADHD children now having changed their minds, saying that they were wrong. That ADHD children should be taught coping skills instead of being medicated. I should contact the occupational therapist and ask him what suggestions he did, at the school, so they do not try to trick me. I should also bring the copy of the  action program that is designed especially for children with ADHD, since theirs should look very different from normal children’s. I doubt the teacher showed the headmaster the copy T. gave her at the latest appraisal meeting. That especially designed for ADHD children action program fill-in paper, was given to me by BUP, so the school should not blow me off on this!


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