Not a regular Lucia

Last night, “Gubby” was suddenly weepy. Nothing was alright and he wanted to lay beside me on the sofa. That’s when I felt that he was scalding hot! I got the thermometer out and yes, he had a fever. So there went the Lucia procession at his pre-school. I feel embarrassed over how worried I was about the parking. It’s always a nightmare since the last car in, never is the first one that leaves. So finally parents get chased out there, to try to move cars so people can start leaving, everybody blocking each other. I had finally come up with the plan to fetch the boys at school as usual, 14:00, then drive right away to the pre-school and park right at the exit with the nose pointing towards the exit so I easily could get out. Unless someone parked right in the exit hole, which happened last year! If the pre-school would not let us come that early, then I was going to have us sit and wait in the car, in the cold! T. was going to come home early from work and I had emotionally black mailed Daniel in to coming as well, since the girls still had classes at 15:00. And since he told me last Friday that “Gubby is the best thing that has happened to me!”

All night I had a very hot little water bottle beside me, coughing in my face! And when I had sent the others off to school, I had to pick up the phone and make the dreaded phone call. T. thought I should have given him paracetamol but who wants to be in a thing like Lucia, sing and perform, when one is feeling lousy? I certainly did not approve of his suggestion. The head of the pre-school just said that he has to be fever free for 24 hours before he shows up there and he was not the only child that had to be home today. Several children had been called in sick and some had vomited at pre-school yesterday afternoon, after we left, so she felt that we certainly don’t want that to come home to us as well.

It is so sad because for weeks he has been walking around singing “We wish you a meyyi Quishmish, we wish you a …, and a appy new yeah!” It was going to be so fun to see him sing it in the procession today! Last year he was so shy. He walked in holding his teachers hand, having his eyes closed and he never opened them!!! Maybe this year he would have looked at all of us. People are not allowed to take photos during the procession itself since the children get bewildered. shy and stop singing. But afterwards, after the last song, they stay for a photo session before heading out in procession again. The flashes that go off then is out of this world. Talk about paparazzi! It sounds and looks like celebrity has just arrived to an award ceremony! But nothing like that today in other words.

“Cookie” is putting together a little Lucia procession for home instead. We are currently awaiting their arrival! A lot of screaming from “Boo’s” room! And coughing. Not to forget, giggling!!!


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