Kitchen machine died after 21 years!



The last thing I felt like I could afford this December, was a kitchen appliance. But when the discussion came up about Christmas cookies, when to bake them and whether to have saffron in this years “lussekatter” lussekatt_670 or not, T. announced that we no longer have a kitchen machine since it has broken down, i.e. he has broken it. He talked of us going to this place called Jula to get a new one for 300:-/33.32  Euro/£ 28 /$ 46. You don’t get a lasting kitchen machine for 300:-!  But he usually goes to buy things there, then they break down after a month or so, and he goes to buy a new one and so on and on. I guess he will NEVER learn that you don’t get more than you pay for! Let’s say, I have not gone shopping with him because I am not going to waste 300:- on a machine that will burn it’s motor as soon as I have added flour to a dough!

I thought that we at least would go shopping together at a proper shop and me being able to get something that will last for years, which my old Phillips did. But he works 7 days a week now, but only gets paid for 5 of course. And the children keep us busy with their activities so that we never have the time to go shopping. Now it is getting too close for comfort. Lucia is on Friday and I thought we could have gone yesterday. But then he SMS:ed that no trains were running. Today, I thought was the last day for shopping, since I need to set the dough tomorrow afternoon. Well, when I got up in the morning, he had written a message on the whiteboard that tonight he is at a Christmas dinner with work till 21:30. In other words he will not be home till about midnight, IF the trains are running today!

I got fed up and looked at my options. Go to Mediamarkt and have my boys tear down the shop, me getting sweaty, stressed, worked up and coming out with a purchase I did not really want to make. Or coming out without anything, ready to sign myself in to the insane asylum! Or go shopping with little “Gubby” alone, who behaves when his brothers don’t lure him off. I opted for the latter. I sat down to transfer some money in to my account so I could get a nice machine. Not the top range but somewhere in the middle would have been good. Well, my dinosaur computer did not let me get on the internet and when I finally got on, I could not get in to anything. So I had to head for pre-school, fetching “Gubby”, with very little money in my account. I had almost thrown the computer through the window, hating it so much that I want to rip my hair out. It is totally useless! What I needed to shop for today, was a new computer, like a tablet, but you can’t bake with that.

So, we got to Mediamarkt and I was horrified by the prices. What I wanted was out of my range. T. has a credit card, but that did not help me did it? So I had to ask a sales person what to do. He was horribly patronising! I got vexed and said “I am saving for a new computer and Christmas is around the corner, I don’t have the money for these expensive things even if I want one!”. So, rudely he showed me the machine above that was next to the cheapest machine. Between the lines, telling me that I was an idiot, for not getting something else. Costing 1 190:-/132.16 Euro/£111/$182. Please, may it last because it almost emptied my bank account. I so much would have loved an OBH Nordica or an Electrolux but this will have to do, costing just a third of what they cost.

Worried, that it might not be a good machine, I headed off to the boys’ school to fetch them, the car rocking away, like a small ship on the rough seas. That also will cost us a fortune to have fixed!


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