“Can I go out to the Christmas?”

For the second night in a row, I SAT up on the sofa all night, trying to sleep between my terrible cough attacks. They are just getting worse and worse, more and more painful. My whole chest burns. Yesterday, the district nurse phoned to ask me when I think “Gubby” would be up for his next booster vaccination. I told her that he needs to forget the blood test last spring first. He still asks everyone in a white coat if they are going to stick a needle in to him. With horror in his voice. She heard me cough and reminded me of my bad lungs and how prone to pneumonia I am. She told me to take it easy and rest. HA! Is that supposed to be a joke? T. was working home yesterday since the storm had all train traffic and buses standing still all over the province. But he’s been given so much work to do, that he could not let his feverish wife stay home and him fetching the children at 13:30. So I had to first fetch “Gubby” at noon and then drive off in the hurricane and hail, to fetch the other two boys. Life felt horrible at that moment!

“Boo” came up at 06:35 this morning and wanted to turn on the TV. I told him, from the sofa, to forget it. The electricity went soon after that and saved my morning from loud cartoons. “Gubby” joined us half an hour later and ran up to the living room window and excitedly said “Can I go out to the Christmas? Is it Christmas mamma?” -It is snow! “It’s Christmas snow!”, he said and then started to sing “We wish you a meyyi Quischmash …” in his adorable way with his nose against the window. The boys nagged till 09:00 to go to the “pulka” hillpulka but I just could not stop coughing. “Cookie” headed for the bus and her choir practice with the Culture School. T. finally climbed out of bed, put a load in the wash machine and headed over there. Only problem was that when “Cookie” came home from Lund, it was time to prepare to go off to Malmö. Church is having a Christmas concert tonight with Lucia procession! We did not have time to go, I knew that weeks ahead but “Cookie” had said to people that she could come and be part of the Lucia “procession” and the singing. And when they voted, she became “Santa Lucia” so… Luciatåg(Like one in photo but not her obviously. This is what they will do tomorrow as well with the Culture School for people with tickets to Allhelgonakyrkan in Lund. The real day is the 13th though!) T. took off to Malmö with her and we found out that he had never started the washing machine. A whole day and not a single load done! I was hysterical! I must get all laundry done on Saturdays for the week ahead! And when he drove off yesterday to have the winter tires installed on the car, at 16:30, I thought he bought our dinner food for today as well as for yesterday. He did not! So he, “Cookie” and “Dollie”, whom I thought would stay here and hang up all her wet laundry (since she brought down a whole basket with just HER dirty laundry from months back, last Saturday after I had done all laundry) but who decided that a Christmas concert was much more fun than helping her sick mum, and little “Gubby” headed to Malmö at 15:00. The latter was devastated and wanted to be with daddy.

So, I have been doing laundry, coughing, doing magic with my knees as for dinner, coughing… Daniel came to my rescue as usual instead of his diva for sister! We dug out all sorts of left overs so “Kitty” could eat pancakes, “Boo” leftover ravioli and newly fried up supermarket meatballs from the freezer and Daniel himself got to heat up my fish from yesterday. T. sat down at dinner yesterday with an awful smelling egg dish. I got so nauseous that I vomited and could not finish my dinner.

I will have to have a serious conversation with my daughters though. You can’t be involved in this much at the same time! I did not enjoy this day at all and it was so unnecessary to be in this Lucia “procession” when she is already in one! A whole Saturday just wasted again! The house looks like crap! T. still has not had time to even look for the Advent candle stick for our bedroom window and it makes me so upset. I still have not had time to pack away my summer clothes because I am so busy with everything else. Insane! And the girls have also volunteered for a play, at the church Christmas party next Saturday!!! Even though “Cookie” is singing with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra ALL DAY! For two days in a row, with the Culture School. I am not leaving the village next week, nor is anyone else in the family. Forget it! This house is going to be cleaned if I so have to stand her like a drill sergeant! I am so fed up with being the only one that sees the piles and do something about them. I am NOT DOBBY! I’m not strong enough to be a Dobby nor am I even well right now so I can be one!!!Dobby1


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