“Cookie” and braces

I’ve just got back from fetching the boys in school. I feel pits since yesterday afternoon. My head feels like it’s going to explode, I have a fever and my body aches all over. I have the worse cough that I might have inherited from “Gubby” but it doesn’t feel right to steal from his cough medicine, that he was prescribed. It really doesn’t feel like I can cope but a mamma must cope… I can’t be allowed to lay down in bed and be ill. Who will look after the children?

Yesterday afternoon, I dropped the boys with Daniel, who was home early from school, so that I could take “Cookie” to the dentist. Yesterday was when they had an orthodontist visiting to look at all children that might need braces. It was our turn at 16:15 since “Cookie” has inherited my small mouth. Which means that her teeth don’t have enough room in her mouth. My year, were all forgotten, when my class was transferred from one dentist office to another. No one in my year of birth, at the school I attended, received braces and while the others might not have needed braces, I DID. For years, my mum told me, that I really should have had braces since my teeth could not come in straight. I have always been ashamed of them. You tell me why she did not do anything about it. SHE was supposed to be my mother and contact people! But she never did! I always went to the dentist myself, throughout my childhood and youth, and she never asked about what happened there!

Well, I care about my children! Daniel is 19 and he still wants me to go with him, so I do! And yesterday I went with “Cookie” and the orthodontist decided that she definitely need braces but the child said NO! So her dentist asked him if they can put it off one or two years and he said perhaps. I got upset and said that I would prefer it if it was put on now, instead of later. What’s the point in waiting? In two years Sweden’s economy might be so bad that they start charging for this? I got so vexed with “Cookie” and told the dentist that the reason she is saying no, is because she is afraid of having to pull teeth and I told “Cookie” that they will give anaesthesia! Her dentist said that I will hold one hand and the nurse the other, but “Cookie” just did not want to. So the dentist and orthodontist is giving her one week to think. On Monday we go back since a piece has come off her front tooth plastic part. AGAIN!

Driving back home I bawled “Cookie” out. That this is a privilege! I asked her if she wants to look like a mess in her mouth. Get the wrong bite. Get frequent head aches. Be ashamed of how she looks so she refuses to smile in all photos, like I do. Her father couldn’t believe it when he heard her answer! Nor did Daniel and “Dollie” got angry when she heard it because her best friend has been fighting all sorts of dentists for two years, to be allowed to get braces. I told “Cookie” this morning that her aunt can not come to Sweden on holiday because she is saving up money for braces for her daughters and I told her of my friend in the US and how much she had to pay for her daughter’s braces. That it is truly an amazing thing to get all this for free in Sweden and if I die and her dad decides to move back to the US, he will not be able to pay for braces for her.

So now we wait! And she is asking me questions like “which tooth would they pull out?”. And I keep on sighing and answering her that “how would I know, I am not a dentist?!”. Question is why a child can say no, when she is a child and not 18? Doesn’t a parents age and wisdom count for anything?



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