Among lice and pinworms!

This is just one nightmare of a week. Not only did T. discover Sunday that “Gubby” has pinworms, we also had to discover that the pharmacy no longer sells medicine over the counter, unless one wants the pill form. We were told that the child has to swallow the pills without crushing them first because if you do that, the teeth will get discoloured. RED! How does one tell a child with serious language problems that he must swallow a pill? That he must not bite in to it. And then repeat that act three times! So, we had to contact the hospital on a day when it is extra difficult to get hold of someone. How he got the worms? Who knows? How about playing in the garden at daycare and then going in to eat lunch, without washing his hands and there being cats that do their business all over that garden and perhaps in the sandbox where he spent a lot of time? (The neighbours to the daycare have cats that do not know where one property ends and another starts.)

Then Tuesday evening we discovered that “Cookie’s” hair was full of lice! An experience noone in the family have had to go through before! While she sat crying her eyes out on the lid of the loo, I checked through “Gubby’s” hair and sure enough, he had it to. Just three on top of his head, but still. While we waited for T. to run all the way in to Lund to purchase medication for this nuisance, “Dollie” and I got the hair cutter out, to cut “Kitty’s” hair since he screamed that the louse comb hurt. I tried to phone T. to ask which setting he usually use, but he had left his phone at home so we guessed, and cut it too short. So now he walks around with a beanie on and refuse to take it off. It’s not THAT short but he is upset. Since his hair is so light, it looks like he has less than he does. Boo’s hair was short enough to see that he had no lice. T. took his time and I panicked when it came to bed-clothes etc. I spent an awful evening washing everyone’s bed sheets, all blankets from the living room, all beanies, clothes that had been worn during the day… T. finally arrived with medicine and we had to spray all of “Cookie’s” and “Gubby’s” hair down with this strong-smelling stuff that left their hair wet with oil and then we had to rub it all in, wait for 15 minutes and then wash it out.

Only problem is that “Gubby’s” had some sort of allergic reaction to it, so when he got to daycare yesterday, he kept on scratching his head so bad, they wondered if we really had killed the lice. I continued my maniacal sanitation of the household goods only to find out in the evening yesterday, that “Boo’s” neckhair was completely lice infested. So start all over with his bedding, clothing, beanie, and of course treat his hair. T. flew to Stockholm so he escaped it all, while I tried to cope here with everything else. And my head keep itching because I just think this is all so disgusting and yesterday I also imagined that I had worms, till I realised that the itching was not in the right place for that.

May we not find new lice this evening. This is getting tedious. All the fleece blankets refuse to get dry so I have wet blankets hanging all over and soft animals that no longer look soft and cuddly. Hopefully they will recover when they dry properly. “Gubby’s” Elmo looks particularly sad and he is asking what has happened to Elmo. Should I tell him that Elmo had lice? Or “dots” as “Gubby” is calling the menace. What will the next thing be? I fetched “Gubby” at daycare today and the teacher came wearing rubber gloves, telling me that his day had been nice, but now she had to deal with this other child’s vomit. She added that the child had high fever. “Gubby” informed me that “Alva vomited on her pillow!”. So, when my child coughs or has a runny nose, they phone me and tell me to come fetch my child but it is alright for other children to lay in the classroom with high fever, on the mattress, and then to vomit and still get to stay. Somehow this is not right in my book. My son has been exposed to disease unnecessary. Stomach flu is the last thing we need right now with the whole house full of laundry. And I have places I must go to next week, where I can not bring a sick or semi-sick “Gubby”, or anyone else for that matter.

I do not feel like a happy camper at all at the moment so I have done something really naughty! I have treated myself to a really expensive book that I really should not have ordered. 33 pounds! Help, it’s been a very, very long time since I bought myself a book that expensive. (Usually my books cost 1 penny!) But it is out of print!  And rare! May it be a good one!!! There isn’t even a picture of it on google. That is bad! Called “My World War II Diary” by Edith Steiger Phillips. The only thing I know about it, is that it will be a diary from her time in the American Red Cross, working in a Clubmobile slinging doughnuts to all homesick American boys! I have come to the conclusion that the best books on WWII are the ones written during the war itself! When everything is fresh. You get a more truthful picture than when they write 60 years after the war, glorifying their part in it, or worse, making it all romantic, having forgot all the nasty bits.


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