Commemorating Gustav II Adolf or not, when from Skåne?

GustavIIAdolf Today, in 1632, this man died at the battle of Lützen. Who was he? Gustav II Adolf of Sweden, the king that set out to participate in the 30 year War, in order to keep control over the Baltic sea and if possible, make Sweden larger. If you live in Gothenburg, today, you will have eaten some pastry with this man’s face on it.  But I am not sure, how much his death is commemorated in the rest of the country. T.  saw a chance of eating pastry today bakelseand asked me if I was getting pastry for us. Which made me start thinking: Why should I? My ancestors were Danish at the time. Sweden did not conquer this part of the country until 1658, and very brutally at that, so this man really means nothing to me. We who live in this part of Sweden, why are we not taught Danish history? Who was in charge of Denmark in 1632? That is what should mean something to us! No, I did not go look for Gustav Adolf pastry at the local bakeries. I doubt there would have been any. But I am contemplating buying this book, when I can afford to splurge on myself:

skane-i-danmark-en-dansk-historia-till-1658“Skåne in Denmark: A Danish History up till 1658”. This will mean much more to me, than a piece of pastry with a Swedish King’s head on it! Much longer pleasure as well!


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