Best of the “Tinkerbell” films!

tinkerbellThe rain is pouring down, in other words a boring grey autumn day, and I am so tired I don’t know what to do with myself. I have tried to pick up a little. Put away all of “Gubby’s” summer shirts, but can’t find where his father has put the shorts that should have gone in to the same box. I just put this film back in the bookcase. I bought it for our Legoland trip in August, but the children never put it on in the car, so I saved it for “Cookie’s” Birthday. We watched it as a family Wednesday and since then the children have watched it every day. I felt somewhat embarrassed putting it on for Daniel to watch Wednesday, and T., but actually we were all pleasantly surprised! Sure, it is meant for children, sure it is cute and not a whole lot of macho, BUT it really had a a nice message! Of all the four films they have made so far, this really is the best one.

Tinkerbell is no ordinary fairy, she is never pleased with what she’s got and is always curious about the forbidden world beyond her home. This time, they are preparing baskets for the fairy winterland which sparks her interest. She gets to go with the fairies that follow the animals to the border crossing between the two fairylands. The animals pass over a river, on a fallen tree trunk, and they magically change their fur to suit winter. Tinkerbell gets so fascinated with it, that she decides to be naughty. Before someone can stop her, she runs off, over the tree trunk. First something amazing happens, heer wings glow but then they quickly freeze. After seeing the doctor and thawing out her wings, she starts investigating why her wings glowed. The book moth in the library has eaten up the pages she needs in the wing book, so she prepares to go in to the winterland to find the author. She prepares by making winter clothing that cover her wings.

She takes off and finds the librarian in the winterland, but not only does she find him, but also a girl identical to herself. A girl born out of the same baby’s laughter, that she was born out of. They are sisters, separated at birth and excited over this fact and wanting to get to know each other, they spend the day together. Of course there is a problem. Fairies are not allowed to cross the border. The rule is said to be for their own good. After having a fun day with her sister Periwinkle, Tinkerbell wants to bring her sister over to her side, which is a little bit trickier. But she invents a machine that makes snow, so her sister can come over to the hotter climate of Tinkerbell’s world, and see all that Tinkerbell wants to show her. All is fine at first, but then it still gets too warm and Periwinkle must be rushed over to the winterland. The Queen comes and tells the fairies why it is that the rule exist, that they must never cross the border of their lands. She was in love with a winterland fairy, Lord Milori, but his wings broke when they tried to pursue their relationship. Since then he has not been able to fly. And the lovers have had to live apart.

Unfortunately, the snow making machine lands in the river and gets trapped. Somehow it goes haywire and puts the whole fairy world in great danger. It freezes everything and if it freezes the tree with the magic fairy dust, none of them will be able to fly anymore. So together, both fairylands  have to solve the problem.They solve it by the snowfairies putting frost over the tree since that creates a warm shield for it.

Tinkerbell of course gets in to trouble before the happy end. Her one wing gets cracked. But when she and her sister say goodbye, her sister having to go back to the winterland after saving the magical fairy dust tree, they stand so that their wings meet and both girls’ wings start glowing and Tinkerbell’s wing is magically healed. That is when the Queen and Lord Milori realise that they can’t keep these girls apart, nor the others. That there is a solution to everything. The winterland fairies can’t go and spend time in the regular fairyland, but all the others can dress up in winter clothing and have their wings get covered in frost. And it turns out that they all want to visit, not just Tinkerbell. The Queen perhaps most of all.

So it is a film about sisters always finding each other in the end. That one must think outside the box sometimes. That it’s no good being overprotective of children or anyone really. That love will conquer all. That if there is a will, there is a way. Quite a nice message in other words!


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