International Week

fannyChoirAll of town is celebrating international week and tomorrow the UN-day. All week the children’s school are doing things to celebrate. “Boo” has not had homework, “Kitty” had English words to learn that had to do with this week’s theme, and “Cookie’s” choir had a concert yesterday. Newly written concert music. All the songs focused on paragraphs in the UN Child Covention. It was really beautiful music. I enjoyed every moment of it, even if the concert only lasted for 30 minutes. I am so happy that I applied for “Cookie” to join that choir. She is getting to learn some beautiful pieces and getting to perform and have a fun time, more than what she did in the school choir.

Tomorrow the children have to bring international food to school. T. has been standing making lots of American pancakes. “Cookie” was to make cupcakes but I guess we did not have the ingredients or something because she got the Disney cookbook out and made some cookies instead, with tons of cocoa in them. I haven’t dared to try them! The dough did not look particularly appetizing. Our week was supposed to end with that buffet. Friday, the school is closed but that is when the headmaster has scheduled “Boo” to be tested for who knows what?! So I have to head in to school with him and “Kitty” on Friday. Don’t know how I will kill time. They can’t say if the testing will take 1, 2 or 3 hours. I can’t leave “Kitty” here with “Cookie”, or they will scream and fight. Maybe I have to bring the portable DVD player for him to watch a film on and I myself can sit and read my book on Elizabeth Richardson that served as a doughnut girl during WWII. I wish I didn’t have to go. My only plans for Friday, was to take “Gubby” to pre-school for a Halloween party. Now I don’t know how to do that, since that party is over at noon, and if “Boo’s” testing goes on for 3 hours, he will be done at noon! Not the school’s problem! I wrote and complained about this to the headmaster. He kindly ignored my e-mail! Even though I stooped so low, as to send two of them!!! Why should I have to sacrifice my day off when they could do this testing, when school is in session? They could have done the testing during his regular hours in school! And poor “Kitty”. We celebrate his Birthday Friday because it’s his name day, and because he doesn’t want to celebrate it on the 25th December! He was looking forward to the day off. And then he will be dragged to school of all places. Hopefully his presents and cake in the evening, will make up for it! 🙂


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