To dance or not to dance?

emmadansI’ve been putting off paying the horrible culture school bill this term. I thought that Daniel was going to quit piano this year so that we would have had the extra money, but then he suddenly said that he wanted to play this final year, as well. There were some songs he wanted to learn to play and who am I to say no. Even if he never practices! And E. my diva, who said two years ago, that she wanted to quit ballet and start jazz dance instead, right after I bought toe shoes! I forced her to continue at least one term because of the expensive toe shoes, and every term now she says, “just one more term and then I’ll quit”. As long as she dances ballet and plays piano, I will not allow her to take jazz dance. That is just way too much money!

The latest from her is that she wants to quit piano! She who is the only one that has talent for it! Johannes never practiced and never learned to play anything but children’s songs. Daniel has tried to get more advanced than his brother but just hammers away on the keys and he has never understood that one has to practice for it to sound good. E. always practiced in the beginning but she soon lost interest in practicing. Don’t know why. She loves to play but she hates her diva for a Russian teacher and the two clash on everything. So she wants to quit because of the teacher’s attitude. What she doesn’t realise is that she has the same attitude, so it’s two wills up against each other! She hates the songs the teacher picks and E. sits and practices other songs that SHE likes. I couldn’t believe when she said “My teacher has nothing more to teach me!”. Talk about an attitude. My daughter knows everything and yet will not play at the obligatory concerts, piano concerts, charity dos… So, I am waiting to see what she decides. If she will let go of her piano lessons to dance jazz dance, I guess I can’t do anything about it, except mourn in silence.

“Cookie” tried to take piano lessons for free at school but she couldn’t figure out the keys and the notes, how they went together. I suspect the real problem was the school’s nasty music teacher and that she doesn’t like non-Catholic students but… I did not force her to continue. She quit ballet as well since she was falling asleep by the bar, so she has danced jazz- and show dance for years instead. Now I thought Daniel was quitting piano so I signed “Cookie” up for choir. Her angelic voice is wasted in the school choir. The same music teacher that has something against her, has a favourite who she gives all the nice parts, even though “Cookie’s” voice is ten times better. The students have complained about the favoritism and the teacher says “but I am best friends with her parents and have known her since she was a baby…”. Maybe that is the way one does things in Hungary? Fits ill in Swedish society though. “Cookie” came home with severe head aches all of last year, sometimes vomiting, because of all the bickering and screaming at choir, so when she came home after the first practice, this term, with a head ache again, I just said “Fine, you are not going there again!”. She pleaded that she should get to stay till they had done the lottery which would decide this year’s Lucia, but I told her, no way the music teacher would let her win, that her favourite would become Lucia through a miracle. Or should I say, through rigging the lottery?! And guess what? Her favourite will be Lucia this year, surprise, surprise! Daniel decided to continue the piano but I would not let “Cookie” continue in the school choir, so I signed her up for this professional choir at the culture school instead. She had to try out, and there wasn’t really room for another girl, but she was accepted because of her voice! ( I call it professional because the teacher is “famous”, she sees all her girls, they have lots of concerts, will be on TV, and she actually promote friendship between the girls and a love for singing. This is what I want for my girl, not to be put down because she is not Catholic!)

So, fees for 5 classes came up to £435/515 Euro/$704! I hope they will enjoy this term, because the fees certainly have made me depressed! Funny thing is that E. has considered quitting ballet every term, and yet at the performances, the newspapers’ photographers only photograph the ballet dancers’ part and E. always gets on the front page. See photo above and below (middle front)! The best one, in tutu, is the one I can not find on the net and we never bought any of the newspapers, not knowing she would be in them! 😦emmadans2

As a side note, I do feel terrible that there is not enough money to let the younger ones do anything. “Kitty” wants to do street dance for example. But how could I, even if there was money? He has ADHD and what says that he would listen to the teacher. The queue is also long. And it would mean yet another journey for me in to town, plus more times to juggle in an already busy schedule. The three of them is so much work as it is. All meetings now to get “Kitty” help. Again or still, I should say. And now they are going to start testing “Boo” on Friday to see what is wrong with him. And of course, the testing has already started on little “Gubby” (“Sparky”) to see if he is autistic. All the nagging to get “Kitty” to do his homework take all energy out of me. And now that “Boo” has reading home work and math to do as well, and he isn’t very successful at it, well there goes the rest of the energy. I am glad that I fetch “Gubby” at noon from daycare/pre-school, since it gives me 1 1/2 hour to spend ON him and WITH him. Alone without screaming brothers. We can have a nice snuggly time together, reading, playing games, puzzle. Because when his brothers come home, peace and quiet is the last thing found around here.


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