Pepsodent Gold, the new clothes’ bleach? Will work on every spot!?

pepsodentpepsodentcommercialWe have all seen the commercial on TV. The girl that brushes her teeth in the ladies, get shining white teeth and when she walks out in the restaurant, everyone notices her! And yes, I was a sucker and fell for it!!! After all, the tooth paste was sold out for over a month at my local supermarket. T. had to get it for me in town instead. I’ve used it for over a month and let’s say this. My teeth are exactly the same colour as they were before I started using it. BUT when you brush your teeth, all the lather becomes BLUE. And boy does it lather. When brushing with an electrical tooth brush, you splatter blue saliva all over. I have got it on two sweaters this month and I can now announce that the tooth paste does bleach alright. My clothes! Where I have got saliva mixed with this tooth paste from Pepsodent, I now have bleached spots!!! I am not happy, since those two sweaters were among the latest additions to my wardrobe and now, they do not look as nice as they should since when it splattered, it got on to very visible areas! T. has put toothpaste on my brush a couple of times when I have been too tired to. My routine is to sit and brush in front of the TV since I take a long time to do so. And when he has put this blue paste on my brush, I have been forced to wear a blanket to cover up my clothes. But after the latest “accident”, I have started to think, if it does THIS to my sweaters, what is it really that I put in my mouth? It went in to the bin last night. So T. will not put it on my brush again by mistake. I have decided that this is not the way to go, if I want whiter teeth. Since I have never ever had white teeth, things like this are not very likely to ever work either, are they? Doomed from the start.


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