Always time for a sitcom

I’ve just had a screaming match with my 16-year-old diva for a daughter, who beats it all. It is too much to ask any help from her. Her siblings can be given chores and they do them, even if they do not love it. She has chores as well, but doesn’t do them. And still she has the gall to ask for new clothes, that she doesn’t need, candy, treats, privileges, you name it. The newest thing is to go and stay with a friend for days, so she can get off doing anything here at home. That friend is not expected to do anything at home, so not the greatest role model in my view. Things have really gone downhill since they got acquainted! And since she started “gymnasium”. Everyone else’s schedule is up on the fridge so I know who is where, when. But not hers. “It’s none of your business”. This way she can stay away on days when she knows that I need help. She can go to her friend and me thinking that she is still in school.

What was today’s creaming about? Well, I was supposed to make oven pancake for dinner. But “Boo” and “Sparky” (that from now on will go under his other pet name “Gubby”), do not eat oven pancake! Instead of them refusing dinner, I fixed them ravioli in stages. “Boo” cried about dinner at 16:00 so that is when he ate. “Gubby” was watching a film so he did not want to eat then. But as I stood up to go and fix the oven pancake, he came with me to the kitchen and wanted to eat. I heated up the cold ravioli but he just sat and did not want to eat as usual. First he had me cut them all up in two. And then the gagging started. He then asked me “mamma can you feed me?”. When this happens, I have two choices. Either I feed him or he goes on a food strike and I have to throw away his dinner. I had only cracked three eggs for the oven pancake so far, so I just had to abandon the rest of the family’s dinner. I asked the diva if she could feed her brother so I could continue with dinner. No answer, I could only hear one of those awful American sitcoms she insists on watching, in the living room, where she was. So I called out that “I hope noone is hungry because dinner will be delayed”. She then goes to the hallway and I once again ask her for help. “He should learn to eat on his own anyway!”. I could have strangled her! She takes her computer and sits down by the kitchen table and turns it on to watch YouTube! But she doesn’t help, even though she sat down right by “Gubby” and I explained that “I am his parent and it is my responsibility to see to that your brother gets nourishment enough to grow and develop. If he doesn’t eat on his own accord, I have to make sure he gets the food inside him, even if it means feeding him every bite!”. No comment from her, except “I need to do my homework”. -In front of the TV? “That is background noise only!”. -You were not doing homework out there and your brother, who has a much more difficult time with learning things and who is in a very tough program, have always had time to help when he sees a need”. I am not going to say what she answered to this!

Let us say, I had to feed my youngest myself and THEN 20 minutes later, finish the batter for the pancake. Had I not already wasted 3 eggs, I would have scrapped that dinner idea and just had them all eat leftovers! Why should I exert myself for the diva? Just expects to be waited upon! Daniel doesn’t get home from school and Church activity this evening until 21:00. Otherwise I know that he would have helped me. And “Cookie”, my other helper is at dance. T. is at a parenting meeting. None of those have been home yet today! Days like this, I just want her to pack her bags and leave. She is rude, unpleasant and has seen to many US sitcoms with cheeky teenagers so that she thinks that this is an established and appropriate behaviour! I am so fed up with her attitude. The day she graduates in 2 1/2 years+, she is out of here! Not a day longer of this…


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