The war against washing one’s hands or not

Sometimes I just despair over my husband’s clumsiness! He gets upset and angry for nothing and then breaks things around the house. Wednesday I asked him if he could brush “Boo’s” teeth since it is usually done by him. “Boo” had already gone to bed without having his teeth brushed but was still awake. Angrily T. puts toothpaste on the toothbrush and manhandles the water tap by the sink in the bathroom. And the handle to the tap breaks off. Since then we have had no handle in there and can not wash our hands after using the loo. Here I am, trying to teach my boys that they must wash their hands after being there, and this does not make my life easier. I just can’t get them to go out and pull up a chair to the kitchen sink and wash their hands there instead. They get side-tracked before reaching the kitchen. And then “Sparky” puts his not so fresh hands in my face and so on. Sorry, but this is driving me bananas! I don’t particularly enjoy the whole thing myself but heads for the kitchen over and over again to wash my hands, silently cursing my husband in my mind. No, not really but I am upset with him about this and being without a handle in there for this long.

badrumsblandareToday, we headed for a shop so I could choose a new handle or rather, one has to buy a whole new tap.  We got home 17:00. 4 hours later, we still don’t have a tap. (I did pick the nostalgic one in the picture but if it will ever be installed, is another question?) My husband has turned off the water, so none of the boys can take their showers. They should have been in bed an hour ago, so I will have a nightmare tomorrow trying to get them out of bed and off to school on time. And worse still, my child with ADHD  will be a monster in school because lack of sleep and “Boo” will probably not behave exemplary either. And I just have to sit here, helpless, since I don’t know a thing about how to attach a new tap to a sink! WHY do I have to tell him, to start things like this after everyone has gone to bed, or to abort the operation when it is starting to drag out for hours? Like they said at the ADHD course today, it is tough to see the symptoms in your spouse!!!


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