A diseased society with no room for individuality

We live in a society that labels more and more children as having something wrong with them. Autism spectrum, ADHD, ADD, DAMP, you name it. And why is this? What is the reason for doing so? What do they accomplish by labeling these children with letters attached to all their papers and persons? What is this all saying about our society? I will tell you this thing. When I grew up and went to school, there was noone in my class that showed any symptoms of having ADHD. But the diagnosis has been around since the 1950s. And it stands clear today that it is hereditary and that it is a chemical imbalance in the brain plus the connections between receptors in the brain lack something that slows down the process.

In other words, these children must have been around when I was a child. But they were not visible, because money was spent on school in those days. When I grew up, they said that the Swedish school was the best in the world. When you have a child-centred school, you do everything that is best for the children in it, and these children will not stand out as different. But for years now, we have heard nothing but there are no money, we have to save money, the schools get less money. They force 30 pupils in to each class room and the teachers are stressed out, get burned out and doesn’t earn enough to get emotionally involved. It is not a calling anymore, it is just a job. Like “Dollie’s” teacher said when they were going on a camping trip as a class: “When my working hours are over, I will go in to MY tent and pull the zipper down and will have no more to do with you that day! You need to have your parents come along to take care of you!”. Needless to say, the camping trip was canceled since no parents could come along to do the teacher’s job. He was not willing to go the extra mile, not even on a class trip.

What I have found out so far, researching what schools I might be able to put “Kitty” in to, if things get worse at his present school, has not given me an optimistic view of things. There are a couple of small schools around here. One in our village and two in two other villages close by. But they are changing them this year so they will only have pupils between zero class and third grade. Then they will dump all children at three major schools. 30 children in each class. One of the schools is the infamous high school that will now start having children from age 10-16. I wouldn’t dream of putting my children in that school even if they held a gun to my head.

My conclusion is, that all the letter diagnosis, that are being made, stems from the children showing exactly how sick Swedish society has become. Their behaviour is screaming out that there has been enough saving of money, now they need to save these children by spending money or they are going to have to pay big time in the future. Next week my youngest son is going on a 5 year check-up where it will be determined as well, if he needs a diagnosis of some kind. The nurse will sit with the same form that they used in the 1950s to see if my child is normal, if she can tick every box for normalcy. The stupid health system that is also cutting back so that people die unnecessarily, will not fathom, that in a society that has changed so much, those forms don’t work anymore. Children are reacting to all the awful things that are happening around them, and their isn’t anything NORMAL anymore, there are just different ways of coping and learning to handle things in one’s own speed. You can’t say that a child SHOULD do this and this by this and this date anymore! Everyone are supposed to just fulfil themselves, think of themselves, but yet, you are not allowed to be individual! Exactly how does that make any sense?


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