How not to loose on ebay

marimekkobagpackI’ve been devastated all week because I lost the auction of this wonderful rucksack sold from Scotland! I can not get over, that a seasoned fox like myself, lost out! It was a week auction so I could have done several things to prevent things from ending the way they did.

Rule nr. 1: When you don’t know what to bid on an item, not knowing what it is worth, DO SOME RESEARCH! I had a week to find out, that the bag is not available anywhere in the world!!! So if I lost, there would not be any options. I did find a new version of it. Disgusting looking!!!!uglymarimekko Who is going to buy this. To me, it looks like one of my nightmares. Anyway, when I found it, AFTER I lost the auction, I realized that I ought to have placed a MUCH higher bid than what I did. Undervaluing what these cost in a shop. AND the bag was new, never used since the person owning it, had received it as a gift and did not like the pattern.

Rule nr. 2: Do not fall asleep before the auction goes out, but sit and watch it ending, so you can up your bid if you are outbid. I fell asleep 45 minutes before it went out. So far, I had been the only bidder for a whole week, so I thought it was mine! And fell asleep not worrying. It felt like disaster waking up in the morning and noticing that I had lost the bag with only 99 pence! I am shattered. I had seen myself walking around in Lund, with that bag on my back. Nothing will look pretty enough now. They have it as messenger bag. But it’s not the same thing. Especially since it is just “locked” with a little magnet and everyone can stick their hands down in the bag and steal whatever they want. In other words, doesn’t even come with a zipper nor does it have a lining, which the rucksack had.

I really made a mistake this time! I feel SO SAD about it and I am SO ANGRY with myself. Yes, I know. It’s materialistic. Yes, I know little children starve in Africa. Yes, I know “though shalt not covet”. But I am only human and I WANTED this rucksack.


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