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conversemarimekkoI am so sick and tired of what my thyroid problems have done to my body and the lack of proper metabolism (Part of the thyroid problem). I thought that the medication would solve the problem but it has not when it comes to my weight gain. If one hardly eats anything, stays away from crap food, it should pay off right??? But it feels like it has done the reverse when it comes to me. I have gained weight that I did not want to gain. My C-section belly is the most depressing sight, hanging like a bag over the scar! Yes, one has to pay a price for having children, but it makes it such a sad thing when shopping for clothes. I can’t buy skirts at all anymore. Too revealing. And now there is a problem on the trouser front as well. To get the zipper up, having to tuck in all the flob. I feel like the most unattractive person on earth!

I doubt that going out for walks will make a real difference in the way I look but I have to try something. I can’t afford to go off to Lund and take some expensive exercise course, even though zumba looks like a fun thing. Nor can I get away from home for something like that. But I ought to be able to take 20 minute walks around here, even though it is not like taking a walk in the English country side, like Jane Austen did. There one can have a nice experience I am sure and find many alternative walks. Here you are stuck walking on the asphalt bicycle routes. Basically I will only be able to walk around the block a couple of times. Did that during my pregnancies, and boy is it boring! But I will do my best. Perhaps I will find something more interesting, where there is a little bit of privacy as well?

But I had to get proper shoes to walk in. My ballerina shoes kill my feet when I try to walk far. So I went searching for fun converse shoes.  (I know, most people would get what we here call “tennis shoes”. But I hate those! I hate how you sweat in them, how claustrophobic one feels with those “plastic” things on ones feet.) I knew that Marimekko works with Converse and that is what I wanted. But it was a nightmare to find the pattern that I wanted and size 37  (4 1/2). Finally I did find my dream pair though and they were on sale and then there was a 20% off on the sale price as well, so I got them for a steal! Today they arrived and I am so excited. They are so cute and fun! And they had included magenta coloured shoe strings, so I will use them instead of the white ones of course!!! Previously I have bought inserts to put in so one doesn’t quite walk on the ground, like one usually do in canvas shoes. They should work great for my “country walk rambles”.  At least they will make me happy! I fetched “Sparky” first, before I fetched my shoes at the petrol station, so I will not get to try them out today, but tomorrow I hope!


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