What to do with plums?

Our garden smells weird! All the fruit that has fallen to the ground is rotting away and it is just a ghastly smell. I went over Friday, to the plum tree to pick some of the plums, and it hurt to see all the ones that have fallen to the ground. They kept falling when I was over there, and I felt that one must be able to make something out of them, instead of just eating them off the tree. I can’t eat too many, or I will sit on the loo the entire next day. So I went on the internet and tried to see what one can do with them. One thing I found out, is that making jam and marmelade seems too complicated and likely to fail. But one can freeze them after washing them and getting the core out! That is good news! Since what does it matter if they have been on the ground, if you are just putting them in the freezer and then putting them in to a pie or muffins? The ones that fall, do crack, which makes them less appetizing, eating as they are.

I found two recepies and today, “Cookie” made a crumble pie and muffins out of some of the plums, because they are starting school tomorrow. I have just tasted the crumble pie and I, who never eat things like this, thought it was just wonderful! Unusual because it had chewing resistance!


Plum Crumble Pie

100 g margarine

4 tablespoons sugar

1 1/2 dl flour

1 dl oats

1 1/2 dl almonds

10 plums

1 tablespoon potato flour (starch?)

Mix the margarine and half the sugar. Then add the flour and the oats.

Chop the almonds coarsely. Put 2/3 of them in to the “dough”. Mix everything together.

Cut the plums and take out the cores. Cut them in cloves and put them in the pie form.

Mix the rest of the sugar and the potato flour. Spread it on top of the plums. Put the “dough” on top of the plum and then spread the rest of the chopped almonds on top of it all.

Bake for 20 minutes in 225 degrees Celcius. Serve with ice cream or whipped cream.

I promise, this is really wonderful!!!


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