Anne of Avonlea etc.

anneofavonleathekissinanneofavonleaI woke up with a headache today and it was tough to get out of bed. When I did so, “Cookie” was parked in front of the 1987 dramatization of Anne of Greengables. Second film about when she is grown up and goes to pursue her dreams, find her tall, dark stranger and so on. I really have a lot to do on Saturdays, but I just had to sit down and watch Dame Wendy Hiller say “Who are these rebel rousers?”. She is so funny as old “Mrs. Harris” in the film, and this is how far mrsharrisanneofavonleamy daughter had got in the film when I got up. Let’s say, when you once have once sat down to just watch a little, you remain seated till the wonderfully romantic scene above. I just had to see that kiss again! It’s still as magic as it was in 1988 when I first saw it. So sad that they could not repeat their great work in the sequel that was beyond bad!

“Cookie” and all the others disappeared out of the house without me even noticing, so here I sat and then suddenly remembered that the toy shop in the village was selling everything 15% off this week, ending today. So I walked off to the shop. I didn’t find the Lego I had planned on purchasing cheaper. But I did get two spadejabadabadoJabadabado spades/shovels for when we walk over to the funny playground we found yesterday. “Sparky” sat by the kitchen table looking so depressed yesterday and I decided to take him to the playground that we saw from the road on one of our supermarket runs. I have started to take him with me there since he is so scared, thinking that going to that building means that I will take him to the health clinic below the supermarket, and they will draw his blood. It was such a traumatic event for him and they didn’t even manage to get any blood! But now he is scared to go to the building saying “Are they going to sting me?”. So I take him with to show him that we are just getting food.

I am a really bad mother, not liking to go to the playground. It’s boring just sitting there and my children have always refused to go home, me having to drag them home kicking and screaming. Yesterday, I took him since I know that he actually is a reasonable child who comes when I ask him. I took “Cookie” with me since my stomach was so upset, in case I had to make an emergency dash home for the loo. And “Boo” decided to come too. We went to the playground by the road, then “Cookie” said there is another one that is fun, so we headed there. It has this tower, big scoops that one fills with sand, then one person hoist them up the tower with the help of a chain, and fills a pipe up there. The person on the ground can pull a lid on the pipe and then the sand comes out, but most children wait and do this till they have filled the jabadabado_platspade_ljusrosa_2701-190x300entire pipe. We sorely missed spades/shovels. So I bought two metal ones, one green and one pink. But when I got out, I was soaked in rain! How sad. I who planned on going over today, armed with spades/shovels, so he could have a fun time again. No fun to be over there in the rain and with wet sand that weighs much. Because that was “Sparky’s” one complaint: “Oh it’s heavy!!!!”, him being the one on the ground hoisting the scoop up.


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